Kirkland Brand Vs Royale Toilet Paper

Kirkland Brand Vs Royale Toilet Paper

I’ve always bought Kirkland Toilet Paper, up on till recently, and I’ll be returning

I did attempt the shopping with coupons with store sale is cheaper than Costco’s. Wisetale.

Yes somethings are cheaper on grocery store shelves, but not everything!

The last toilet paper I bought was from Shoppers Drug Mart and I used my points to redeem, so it costed me Zero amount, but from now On, I’m going back to Kirkland Brand at Costco because for me it is “Less expensive”

As You can read in the picture above

You get 30 Rolls ( Each Roll having 428 sheets) = 0.106 per meter

Now Lets compare this to Royale Toilet Paper



Average sale price is $5.99 Once in a while you  can pick it up for $4.99 and there is a $1.00 off coupon available at .

So best price with coupon is $3.99

Now you get 12 Rolls with 280 sheets on it and that has 33.5 Meters of toilet paper:

Here’s the math: $3.50/33.5 ( meters)= 1044

So Technically it is slightly cheaper.  But really unless I join a train or trade coupons and get more than 1 of these coupons, I can not beat Costco price on kirklands.

I love the bigger rolls!  I’m not changing them out as often, and for the price, you really can’t beat it.

So From now on I’ll be buying Kirkland Brand Toilet Paper from Costco, as this is an every day price, and No one in my family has ever complained about this brand of toilet paper.

I know it’s somewhat of an unfair comparison as it’s not apples to apples.

But if you have not tried Kirkland Brand Bathroom Tissue: You won’t tell the difference between it and higher end bathroom tissue.

So Toilet Paper has come off my list on what I’m going to coupon on for!!!! 


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  1. Actually, your analysis is wrong:

    Costco = 425 sheets x 30 rolls @ 15.69$
    Each sheets would cost 0.00123058$ (15.69$ / (425×30))

    Royale = 280 sheets x 12 rolls @ 4.99$ in special or 3.99$ with coupon or 2.99$ with some higher values coupon.

    @ 4.99, each sheets would cost 0.00148511$ so more expensive than costco.

    @ 3.99, each sheets would cost 0,0011875$ so cheaper than Costco.

    @ 2.99, each sheets would cost 0.00088988$ so cheaper than Costco.

    So, the conclusion is if you use coupons to buy then at 3.99 or 2.99, it’s worth it, else, you should buy Costco.

  2. We have been using Costco toilet paper for years….but recently they have changed the size of their rolls – and now I had to change my toilet paper storage caddies, AND my toilet paper holders on the wall, as the new rolls wouldn’t fit!!!! Grrrrrr……. Oh well. We are still hooked on the Coscto brand!! ;o)

  3. Yeah but how GOOD is the Kirkland? Does it pass the moisture test?? Does it puncture when wet???? eeewww.

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