SnapSaves Money Making App ~ Just Like Checkout 51!!

SnapSaves Money Making App ~ Just Like Checkout 51!!



There is a brand new money making coupon app. It’s called SnapSaves, and quite similar to Checkout 51.

You go grocery shopping, buy the products they have rebates for that week, upload a picture of your receipt and get money back.
The app is currently available for Apple & Android devices or right from your computer!


  • Once you earn $20, SnapSaves will send you a $20 cheque right to your house. (please note, they only mail out the cheques once every 3 months)
  • SnapSaves can be used on any computer and any Apple or Android phone or tablet.
  • SnapSaves accepts receipts from any store you shop for your groceries.
  • For longer receipts, you may have to take several pictures.
  • You can redeem multiple items on one receipt, or submit several  receipts
  • Each item has a different limit as to how many times you can redeem for it.
  • SnapSaves is currently available in Canadian residents ages 13+ ONLY (excluding Quebec)
  • There is a limit of one account per person.
  • Each approved receipt can only be submitted one time.

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Update Snap Saves is in  “Soft Launch”  and they will be in full swing in September 2013.

There are currently some bugs in the system which is being fixed.


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  1. I am also with Checkout 51. We buy groceries at our local IGA which only prints receipts in french and Checkout 51 does not accept these receipts. Does SnapSaves accept french ones?

  2. Sorry for the confusion, they will send out a cheque when you reach $20+. But they only send out the requested cheques every quarter. So if say you make it to $20 the day after they send out for that quarter, you wont get your cheque for up to 3 months. (make sense?)

  3. Emma, in your description, you say that they send a cheque once the $20 threshold is met but on their site it says they send a cheque at the end of every quarter. I am wondering which is right. The company is too new to have feedback from users I think unless you have some insight from someone you know or are using it yourself. This may make a difference to a lot of people. TIA

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