South St Burger Valentines Promotion – Free Fries With Your Burger

South St Burger Valentines Promotion – Free Fries With Your Burger

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South St. Burger Valentines Promotion for Canada

Receive FREE Fries with your burger when you kiss someone this Valentine’s Day inside their restaurant.

  • quick peck on the cheek
  • blow a kiss to a cashier or friend
  • even kiss your own hand

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Free fries offer is valid on February 14th, 2015 only



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South St. Burger Co

Featuring the ever famous New York Fries and fresh, not frozen beef burgers.

This company purchases it’s beef from small co-op farms. They believe that fresh is better than frozen and therefore you get the most delicious and highest quality burger.

The beef that they buy is strictly from hormone free and antibiotic free stock. Contains no preservatives or fillers. This gives me the peace of mind when I am consuming a product. Especially when it comes to a beef product. There are so many recalls and incidents of food poisoning in the news lately that it is very difficult to find a beef product that you can actually trust.

Burgers are flame grilled bringing out the juiciest tasting meat out there. Served on a regular or whole wheat bun.

Gluten Free

With so much talk about a Gluten-free diet lately, South St. Burger company is offering a Gluten-free bun option as well.


Complete your meal with a delicious side dish.

Onion Rings: made fresh daily with select red onions. This product is hand-cut and coated in a signature batter. They did give us a little hint as to one of the secret ingredients….Rosemary.

Famous New York Fries: cooked to perfection. Crispy and wholesome.

Salads made fresh every day.

Milk Shakes: Contains only milk and premium ice cream. Real strawberries are used for the Strawberry Shake and brewed coffee to the Mocha Shake.


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