Starbucks Canada – FREE Shipping With Promotional Code!

Starbucks Canada – FREE Shipping With Promotional Code!



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About Company:

Starbucks is the largest coffee house in the world, They have almost 210000 stores in 62 countries, with almost 1400 of them located in Canada.  Starbucks was founded in 1971 and continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

Did you know that they are opening up on average 2 stores per day? Now that’s progress.

The First Store Came to Canada in 1987.

Starbucks locations serve both cold and hot beverages, whole coffee bean coffee, and snacks

Rewards Cards and Points

If you do not have a Starbucks Reward Card I strongly suggest that you go out and do so. If you are a regular visitor to this establishment you will have the chance to earn valuable rewards for future purchases. Cards are absolutely free!

Here is how it works:

Earn 1 Star for each purchase you make with your registered starbucks card,  The more stars you collect the more rewards you can get.

Stars – Earn 1 Star per 1 Transaction.

There are 3 levels of Star Power at Starbucks and here are the pros of each

Welcome Level: First Time you Register your Card:  Get a Free Birthday food or Drink. To Keep your Welcome status, you must purchase 1x per year every consecutive 12 months.

Green Level: 5 Stars. – Get Free Refills during your visit on selected drinks.

Gold Level: 30 Stars – For every 30 stars you will get a free drink of choice with every 12 stars you earn.


Are you a Fan of Starbucks Canada?  Check them out on Facebook.  ( they have over 500,000 fans)


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