Starting Point

Starting Point


Canadian Free Stuff has grown over the years, and can be a bit overwhelming at times. Our Main Focus for us to to help save you money. We’ve been around a very long time. we’ve grown and down sized many times over, depending on what you Canadians are wanting from us.

What is Canadian Free ? We Originally Started as a Directory of where to find Freebies, Coupons, and Contests. – And started to add in Deals back in 2007.

But Where to Start?

Well We have 4 Main Categories: Freebies ( Free samples) Coupons , Contests and Deals


Everything FREE

Freebies ~ We attempt to post the most likely to show up on your door by main frame companies such as Olay, and other well-known manufacturers ~ over the years this has really dwindled due to the popularity of them. Many of them are now Flash Giveaways and are more known to be a contest.

Product Testing Companies ~ Sign up to various companies to try and get free samples or get paid to sample products chosen based on surveys, and location

Birthday Freebies & Coupons List ~ Find many coupons and birthday freebies on or around your birthday. You will need to register with each company via email so they can send you your free gift.

Freebie Hunting Guide: How to Guide on Freebie Hunting

For Flash Giveaways ~ Such as Garnier  and other flash 1000 free samples We generally will only post them on our Facebook page – as we really dislike disappointing our Blog Readers, and getting negative comments. So If you’re wanting to make sure you get notice on Flash Giveaway Samples Become a Fan Today


Coupons – Coupons are very “trendy ” right now, We do tend to keep you updated on all the latest new coupons available.

Coupons are divided into two Groups:

Mailed Coupons – See only the coupons that are mailed to your home address

All Printable Coupons – See All the coupons available for immediate use by printing them out.


If you are new to couponing Read Cheetah’s Series on How to Extreme Coupon in Canada .

Contests & Giveaways
Canadian Contests ~ There are so many contests around the net. We do try to provide you with many well-known contests to enter, as well as contests that are user submitted 
Giveaways ~ Enter to win Stuff from Canadian Free Stuff. Find a variety of ways to win. Sometimes we have a facebook promotion, Product Review Giveaways and Message Board Raffles and Special Contests. It can always be found here. This list is generally up to date. You will always find at least 3 -4 Giveaways listed.

Online Shopping

Canada Deals ~ We have seen over the years the stores you like to hear about ~Many of our deals are clothing deals for the whole family. You will find the odd electronic deals or Health and beauty products shopping deals.

Coupon Codes: We Separated Coupon Codes from Deals : For those searching for promotional Codes only


Product Reviews ~ Sometimes Companies approach us to do a Product Review – We always give our honest opinions and you can see what products we have been chosen to review.

Product Recalls – We alert you of any important recalls that may do your family harm if purchased.

Other Content We Provide 

Where Else Can Canadian Free Stuff Be Found?

  • Facebook – With 75,000 Fans you can’t go wrong – We promise not to flood your newsfeed like others do.
  • Twitter – Over 9,000 Followers – We Tweet Every Deal etc, also will respond to any comments.
  • Google Plus – Still learning on how to best use this…. join me in the adventure.
  • Pinterest – Follow us as we tag our great finds on DYI Crafts, Recipes and more.