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Submit a Blog Contest





We are now Starting to promote Blog Contests.  If you would like yours listed on our blog.


Submit a Blog Contest

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
  • Must include: ~LINK to Direct Contest ~ End Date ~ prize description (25 words or more) ~Whom can enter example Canada only or USA/Canada
  • Where can Canadian Free Stuff Link or button be found? SUBMITTED ENTRIES WITHOUT RETURN LINK WILL NOT BE PROCESSED - WE DO CHECK.
  • Please give us your email address - Incase we need to contact you via your contest

Another Place to put all your blog contests is on our forum:

Please Add our Button or a Simple Text Link to your blog if you have not done so:

>Text Link:  What ever page or catagory you want to link with is fine. Canada Freebies, Canada Coupons, Canada Contests, Canada Blog Contests,

( Just to be clear, You do not have to put our button or link in your side bar, but should be somewhere on your site.  Perhaps you can do a blog post telling your readers about us)

No More than 1 Contest Per Week. ( So if you have 7 blog contests going on, You can only submit one per week to us)

PLEASE: See how they look –  Longer Descriptions – Put the Word Win in your Titles or the Word Contest or Giveaway…. They go up as you give them to me.






  1. I cannot submit the form because it says I have to choose a category, but there is no way to choose a category.

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