Sunrise Soya Coupon(Printable)

Sunrise Soya Coupon(Printable)



New Sunrise Soya Coupon (  Printable)

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The Sunrise Brand of Products

Sunrise Soya Foods was first introduced in 1956 when the owners Leslie Joe and his wife Susan immigrated from China to Vancouver, British Columbia. They quickly began to understand that there was a huge need for Tofu in the Chinese Community there. It was not easily accessible at that time.

The business started in the back of a grocery store making small batches of Tofu and grew into the massive business that we know today. From humble beginnings to a popular brand name business.

 Super Squeezies

These products contain Omega-3 DHA and kids love them. Parents love them because they are preservative free. Does not contain peanuts or dairy.

Omega-3 DHA is good for eyes, the heart and brain development.

These tubes can be eaten frozen or just like they are.

Currently they come in two delicious flavors;

  1. Strawberry Banana
  2. Chocolate Fudge

Each box contains 4 Strawberry Banana and 4 Chocolate Fudge.

Things that make this product great include;

  • No artificial color or flavor
  • No preservatives
  • Lactose Free
  • Non GMO Soybeans
  • Gluten Free
  • Cholesterol Free

Super Squeezies Mini Tarts


This recipe looks delicious and I am thinking the kids are going to adore these.

One tube will make 4 mini tarts.

See recipe here. 



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