FREE TekSavvy Mens or Womans Underwear ~ update

FREE TekSavvy Mens or Womans Underwear ~ update


** Update April 24, 2014 ***

Well, well, well look what finally showed up today :)
Thank you Teksavvy for keeping your word and sending out all of the free underwear!

** UPDATE  April 17, 2014**

My friend Brian at TekSavvy just called me, to let me know that all of the free underwear were shipped out this week!

So depending on what province you live in, you can expect to receive them either next week, or the week after.

Yay! Free Underwear!

Update March 28, 2014

Remember way back at the beginning of September (2013) TekSavvy Solutions had a promotion (you can see the original post below), where they were giving away free underwear? Well, almost daily since the beginning of October (almost 6 months ago..) I have received messages on our blog, and on our Facebook page from readers and fans asking if I knew what was going on with them. Since I posted an update about the Mrs Dash samples this morning (you can see that here) I have had almost 20 people message me, asking about the TekSavvy underwear, so I contacted them to ask for an update, and here is the reply I got:

Hello Tasha,

Thank you for your inquiry (and for your promotional assistance!)

Unfortunately there have been some delays with the manufacturing here.

We have not forgotten anyone and the underwear is indeed coming but unfortunately we don’t have an ETA at this time.

Thank you.

So they are coming, eventually. They are just having some manufacturing issues. I’m assuming they were over whelmed with the response, and want to make sure they have a pair for everyone that ordered, so they can send them out at the same time :)


HURRY over to the TekSavvy website, they are giving away FREE underwear! Choose between mens & womans, then choose your size, they come in small, medium, large and extra large!

Click Here to Get Yours


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