Tetley Tea Flash Contest – Win Tetley Tea Prize Pack(Facebook Comment)

Tetley Tea Flash Contest – Win Tetley Tea Prize Pack(Facebook Comment)

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Tetley Tea Flash Giveaway on their Facebook page. Hurry!!

Leave a Facebook comment to win a Tetley Tea prize pack now.


  • Single entry
  • Open to Canada residents
  • Valid Facebook account
  • Age of majority

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It’s all about the Tea

If you are a tea lover, there is no mistaken the unique blend of Tetley. Find black, green, red and herbal blends that meet your specific needs and tastes.

Some new products that you might like to try include;

  • Green Tea Plus
  • Cocktail Inspired Herbal Tea
  • Tassimo T Discs
  • Black Tea

Green Tea Plus is the same green tea that you have come to know and love with an added flavor of blackcurrent, cinnamon, or grapefruit.

Tetley Tea Brand 

Did you know that this company brand is the  largest tea company in the United Kingdom and Canada and the second largest in the United States?

It all started in 1822 when two brothers by the names of Joseph and Edward Tetley sold salt from a pack horse in Yorkshire, England. Eventually they began to sell tea and the business just took off from there. People loved their products and kept coming back for more. They had to grow to meet the demand.

They moved to London in 1856 and set up what was known as Joseph Tetley & Company, Wholesale Tea Dealers. They became the first company to sell tea in actual bags in the United Kingdom.

The name was changed to Tetley Group in 1995.




  1. Tetley is a big part of my day. I will NOT drink any other tea. It is the start and the end of each of my days and I am whole heartedly devoted to Tetley. As a long time customer, I have many items from Tetley , but I was never able to get a teapot even though I have the sugar and creamer and mugs, little houses, apron, etc. So if anyone has a Tetley souvenir such as a Teapot, please email me. I will pay for it.

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