ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern Review & Giveaway 08/4/12

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern Review & Giveaway 08/4/12


One of the great things about living in Canada is all the different seasons we get to experience. I must admit I enjoy them all. The colourful leaves in the fall, the pure white snow in the winter and the fragrant flowers in the spring. Now we are in the full swing of summer and the days are getting hotter and longer. It’s time get outside and enjoy an evening barbecue with friends. I love sitting outside and relaxing on the weekend. It just seems to melt a weeks worth of stress away. What I don’t like is getting eaten alive by bugs!

This is the first summer living in this house and must say I am not a fan of all the new critters we have been seeing. My husband and his friend spent the greater part of a week in late spring digging up my back patio and installing a larger one so we can entertain more. Unfortunately, since I live beside a large undeveloped open field, the flying insects seem to be at large this year. Yuck!

The fact that the West Nile Virus has been reported in my area also scares the heck out me.

That is why I was so excited when I received a wonderful new product this week to review.


The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern. #MR-9W

This decorative patio lantern is just what I need to enjoy my backyard more this summer. The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern not only looks great, but it is effective at repelling up to 98% of black flies, mosquitos and other flying insects. Not only that but it is a lantern too. A light that will protect me from pests too. Perfect.

The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern has a huge range too. It will protect you and your guests. Flying insects will be repelled within a 15 x 15 foot area. More than enough for my back patio. I also love that it is completely safe. There is no open flame, no hot wax, no deet and is approved by the US EPA.

There was a little set up required when I first received my lantern but nothing too complicated. Just open the latch at the bottom of the lantern and install 4 x AA batteries. (not included). Make sure Lantern is turned to the off position and then remove one ThermaCell mat from the package and install it under the grill at the top of the lantern. Next, remove the bottom and install the butane by screwing the canister into the center of the lantern globe. That is it. Put it all back together and you are good to go. Simply turn on the switch at the top of the lantern, wait a second or two and then push the start button a few times. I found that about 3 pushes is enough but you may have to do more. Once it is on you can look through a tiny little window and if you see the orange light you know it is working. I really like this feature. That way you know the mosquito repellent is activated. The top of the lantern will be hot so avoid touching the grill while it is one. You can move it around easily by using the handle instead.

So how does it work?

The butane cartridge is used to warm the insect repellent mat that will then release Allethrin, warding off the insects.

What is Allethrin you ask?
Well, I had no idea either so I was happy to find the answer on the ThermaCELL website.

“Allethrin is a synthetic copy of a natural repellent found in pyrethrum flowers, a member of the chrysanthemum family.”

I remember years ago I used to always plant merigolds in my front garden because someone told me they repelled mosquitos. Merigolds are part of the chrysanthemum family. Who knew? Well I guess the people at ThermaCELL did.

I love that the ThermaCELL lantern is completely quite, unlike those noisy bug zapping devices. It doesn’t fill your backyard with repulsing smoke either. Remember those mosquito coils we used to burn years ago. Ick. There is no smoke, just a little visible vapour once it has been on for a while. No noise and no flame. However there is a little bit of odour that is emitted once it gets going. It is not offensive but I would suggest not sitting right beside it. It is completely cordless and portable. You can put it on your table. Prop it up on the fence, hang it from an patio umbrella or hang it on a garden shepherd’s hook like I have. It looks great, provides light and works to repel those nasty flying insects. You can also control the light by setting it from high to low depending which you prefer.

Oh wow, I just had a thought -this would be a fantastic gift for my parents. This would be perfect for them to take camping or on a picnic. No more lotions and potions needed. Awesome!

The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern is available to purchase at local Canadian Tire, Lowes and Home Depot and retails for just $29.99. A reasonable price to pay for a patio lantern that will also protect you from being eaten alive by bugs this summer.

The kit includes
1 -Reusable Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern
1 -Butane Cartridge (which lasts up to 12 hours)
3 – Insect Repellent Mats (which lasts up to 4 hours each)
4 x AA batteries are not included

Extra Butane Cartridges and Insect Repellent Mat replacements are sold separately










I really like this product and think I will use it a lot. It is a great addition to my back patio. Last night I sat outside and had no problem with mosquitos or other flying insects. If you had a large backyard with flower gardens, multiple lanterns would look awesome. If you have a small patio or even a balcony than one will do you just fine. I think I will even take this with me the next time I go over to our friends house. We always sit outside and now we can be comfortable and confident knowing the mosquitos won’t be bothering us.

Exciting News the wonderful people over at ThermaCELL have graciously sponsored a giveaway contest. One of our lucky readers is going to win their very own ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern. (A $29.99 value)


To enter this contest please use the Rafflecopter form below.


Open to Canada 18+ (sorry no QC)
Contest Ends: August 4th/12

Disclaimer / Disclosure: I have a material connection because I received a gift or sample of a product for consideration in preparing to write this content. I was/am not expected to return this item or gift after my review period.

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