Free Tide Zap Cap

Free Tide Zap Cap



New Tide Free Replacement Cap!

If you recently purchased Tide Ultra Stain Release ( liquid) and you have a regular cap on the top – Tide will send you a replacement cap with the Zap Cap !

You need to enter in the UPC code from your bottle  Incase you can’t figure the Upc code out  – Here’s one  (  37000875888)

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Keeping Tide Pods out of Children’s reach

Consider building a shelf in your laundry room – or keeping your tide pods up high.

If Swallowed Get child to drink a glass of water or milk and Contact Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 or Call your Doctor.

About Tide Pods

Tide Pods has the same Tide Clean you love. Each pod contains cleaning agents, and stain removers.  Works in all Washing Machines – simply toss in a pod with load of laundry  – wash as normal.

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