Free Tide Zap Cap

Free Tide Zap Cap

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New Tide Free Replacement Cap!

If you recently purchased Tide Ultra Stain Release ( liquid) and you have a regular cap on the top – Tide will send you a replacement cap with the Zap Cap !

You need to enter in the UPC code from your bottle  Incase you can’t figure the Upc code out  – Here’s one  (  37000875888)

Order Free Tide Replacement Zap Cap

Free Offer While Supplies last



If you have young children in your home ( or even that visit) you may want to order this Reseable Sticker for your Tide pod Tubs containers – to help keep young kids from trying to eat them. With the  bright fun colours – it’s been known that kids think the pods are candy and there’s been lots of cases of children ingesting them

Order Tide Free Sample of Resealable Sticker 

Each order will provide you with 4 Stickers

Offer valid while quantities last.

Keeping Tide Pods out of Children’s reach

Consider building a shelf in your laundry room – or keeping your tide pods up high.

If Swallowed Get child to drink a glass of water or milk and Contact Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 or Call your Doctor.

About Tide Pods

Tide Pods has the same Tide Clean you love. Each pod contains cleaning agents, and stain removers.  Works in all Washing Machines – simply toss in a pod with load of laundry  – wash as normal.

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