Walmart Survey Canada Win 1 of 3 Giftcards ~ Canadian Sweepstakes

Walmart Survey Canada Win 1 of 3 Giftcards ~ Canadian Sweepstakes


Walmart Survey Canada Win 1 of 3 Giftcards ~ Canadian Sweepstakes

Take a Walmart Canada Survey and get a chance to win 1 of 3 $1000 Gift Cards.

Thank you for visiting The survey is designed to get your feedback about your recent shopping experience at Walmart. This is not a sales effort of any kind, and we want to assure you that your responses to our questions will be kept strictly confidential

a) Online Survey: Make a purchase (of any amount) at a participating Wal-Mart Canada retail location on or before July 17, 2011 and look on your cash register receipt (“receipt”) for a survey invitation. Not all receipts may contain a survey invitation. Retain your receipt and visit within 14 days after the Visit Date printed on the front of your receipt. Enter the store #, TC # and Visit Date located on the front of your receipt along with your complete name, mailing address, phone number and age in the appropriate fields, complete the survey, and click the “submit” button. Entry must be completed and submitted within 14 days after the Visit Date to be eligible. For example, if your receipt Visit Date is September 1, 2010, then you would have until September 15, 2010 to complete your survey. There is a limit of one (1) entry per receipt

The Sweepstakes ends at 11:59:59 pm ET on July 31, 2011, however, mail-in entries will be accepted up to August 2, 2011 for the drawing on August 16, 2011 as set out in Rule 4 below.

There are three (3) prizes available to be won at each drawing (see Rule 4 above). Each prize consists of one (1) Wal-Mart gift card in the amount of CDN$1,000. Prizes must be accepted as awarded and are non-transferable. No substitutions or cash redemptions will be permitted. In the case of unavailability of any prize, Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to substitute a prize of equal or greater value. Gift cards are subject to the Wal-Mart gift card terms and conditions. There is a limit of one prize per person.

Click Here to Enter into the Walmart Survey in Canada to win 1 of 3 Walmart Gift Cards.


  1. If you put on your receipt that we can do a survey, then I go on-line and it expired In 2010. That’s nuts change your receipt rolls. Don’t let people waste their time. I was in Vaughan at store #3145 on July 29, 2015.
    So please change your registers. Also the aisles header are not correct. Look for oil and its not in the oil aisles, its two aisles down. Get the store in order please !!!

  2. I would love to be able to EASILY contact you and to make suggestions. three gift cards for Canada????? I was in a store yesterday and I could hardly move. My chances are next to zero even in one store!!!
    I was in Omak twice this month as well as Walmat stores in Oregon, California Nevada and Washington state (3 very different locations!) In Omak I got some gluten free bread and t ried to get it in Bellingham. No luck
    I was in Bellingham around 9 pm and could not get service. A cahier helped me as they were not too busy. I wanted to see if I would be able to get this bread inBellingham and if not why not. The bread is made in Portland and is 7 grains Gluten Free made by Franz Bakehouse bearing code number 007222000991 costing $5.78. It is so very good that I have no trouble changing habits!!!
    Yesterday I was in South Surrey BC and it was raining. I came in the north door and there were no carts but a young fellow stood there to greet me. I asked why no cards he said I could probably get some at the far end of this super store!!! I got there to find I got the last soaking wet cart!!!!! There were lots inthe parking lots!!!! I am a very senior senior! The cart helps me be able to shop for much longer periods. Unable to get help I meeeded in Belingham and no carts in Surrey Most of your stores the staff go out of their way to help. Managment staff is available!!

  3. I get so angry with these bogus contests!!!! I’ve tried many times and can’t get in!!!!!

  4. Whats up? You would think after two years the glitch that prevents you from entering the survey would be fixed. I too keep getting a variety of pages: Q&A page and privacy rules. Is this site trying to see just how many fools like me try to enter the contest? What a boost to your reputation. What a shame.

  5. I had no problem entering the contest. You only have two weeks after your purchase to enter though. After that your receipt has expired in regards to the contest. You can also enter by mailing in a postcard, no purchase necessary.

  6. After shopping at the Walmart in Niagara Falls, I too was unable to enter the survey contest. What’s up?

  7. I have tried to enter the 1 of 3 survey and get sent to weird places so unable to enter. Clicked on “Enter here” and end up always at “most asked questions”
    Very frustrating.

  8. Oh and for the record i received the message at the top of my reciept on May.26, 2012 so either its a new promotion or they are just printing an old message. Regardless alot of these posts go back from over a year ago with complaints and no response.

  9. Why would anyone respond to us??Apparently we are just another customer so who cares. Annoys me to offer a contest like this then ofcourse turn out to be a scam. What a shame. Ofcourse to good to be true :(

  10. Can’t get into to the survey like almost everyone else above has said…keeps putting me to a page about most faq’s…tried clicking on other stuff and just can’t get into it.
    really not impressed since this is yet something else that is not available…every time i shop at walmart something i need is not available and usually no one will find out what is going on unless you ask for a superv isor and demand answers.

  11. It’s a total scam! me either tried to enter the survey,can’t get in. To all shoppers of this store,pls.doubble check your receipt.Yesterday I went to Moncton West Wallmart,I noticed that for one of the 25 items that I bought, I was charged twiced.

  12. I have never had bad service like I have at the Red Deer South Walmart.Would’nt let me enter the survey and am always overcharged more than the price says.The service In the Food Mart Is terrible.I’ll never go back again.Shame on you Walmart!

  13. Cannot enter the survey, same as the above. Is there going to be an extension of the two week time frame as I have tried within the time limit? I’m NOT impressed!

  14. If you get cash back- don’t let the cashier distract you or they will forget to give you your cash, and then its a big hassle for them to re-open the register to give it to you, or so the cashier at my local walmart seemed to think. Hey lady, its not your 40 bucks- its mine. Don’t give me a hard time because you “forgot” to give me my cash. I really wonder how much money they walk home with at the end of the day because of tactics like this. I can totally see them ripping off elderly customers.

  15. I love shopping at wal-mart in windsor, because they have everything you need. Also the stuff are very nice and helpful.

  16. HI WAL*MART,
    I was at you’re Wal*Mart store #3737 in Atholville,New Brunswick,CANADA.
    Well it is the absolute WORST Wal*Mart experience anywhere….. When you look on the SHELF PRICE and make a purchase and look at you’re RECEIPT the price on the RECEIPT is always HIGHER…… can you explain that to me PLEASE? So who is not doing there JOB? the only thing that I can find a ROLL-BACK on is the size on the LABEL!!!!!!! THANKS WAL*MART…



  17. To those of you who shop at the Nelson Walmart , should wish for larger aisles, as while we shopped there on our way through on vacation , we had to actually back out of the aisle so someone coming towards us could get by .Please with all the shoppers that this store has Why has Walmart not looked into making it a more friendly shopping atmosphere.I have never seen so much stuff shoved into one very small store!!

  18. Cannot access your website in terms of entering. I like many others have tried to no avail. Please update your site so that we can have a chance to win 1 of 3 $1000 CDN WAL-MART GIFT CARDS. Thank you.

  19. Today I was shopping at store1027.I went into the photo lab for the advertised photo on a mug special. Buy one get one free. The signs were posted all around the photo shop,but when I went to purchase 4 and get 4 free I was told that the promotion was not valid, it expired on Mother’s day.
    In the past an advertised special was upheld when I purchased the item. In this case the special was advertised with no expiry date posted. I believe that if the special was still being advertised it still should be in effect.

  20. how are you supposed to enter contest if it wont send you to the part where you fill in your name etc ,or answer questions .i guess they are just saying ,that they are giving away these gift cards !! please let me know so i can enter draw too, like the other 1,000 people that cant enter right now !!! thanks curtis

  21. this supposed “survey” is bull sh**t i tried to do the survey and there is no survey can’t enter to win if there is no survey…i’m very diappointed i’m a regular shopper of walmart and it would have been nice to try to get at least the $1000.00 of thousands i’ve spent there..not very good walmart what a scam!!!

  22. You obviously don’t check this site for messages posted going by the dates to fix this problem with doing the surveys in canada. We are a large part of your business, treat us right.

  23. I can not access the survey form. Whats up with that ? As usual Wal- Mart screws up again You are not , Irepeat not making a good name for your self in Canada.

  24. Everytime I try to get on the survey website it won’t come up just looks like questions most asked. Whats up with this stuff, do you want people to voice a good opinion or not?

  25. unble to enter contest. Once again the company does’nt get to give things away. anoying.

  26. WHy can’t I enter a postal code in the’ zip’ code section for a Canandian survey…sloppy.

  27. Once again it appears that the codes are not recognized. This is whether on the french or english web site. Well keep your gifts. Happy New Year.

  28. i love walmart and my son love walmart beacuse he like toy witch is avalibal in good price and x box c.d witch is avalable in walmart.

  29. je considère votre publicité trompeuse,, depuis plus d’un mois j’ai tenter a une douzaine de fois de participer au concours et a chaque occasion le les informations tel que le code et le # d’affichage sont toujours refusés ,donc impossible de participer,


  30. I love wal-mart. I can usually find the household products I need and other items of interest. It has great prices and lots of choices.

  31. I just went on this site to enter but when I put in the code for the Penticton Walmart; 3070 I received a message that the code wasn’t recogised as a US store. I thought it was for Canadian stores as a Canadian survey. Please let me know when this has been corrected so that I can enter survey.

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