Want to Earn up to $50 worth of Coupons From Us?

Want to Earn up to $50 worth of Coupons From Us?


Starting on Wendsday  July 18th 2012. All you Canadian Shoppers can start earning money saving coupons from us!

Take Your Camera Shopping!

  • Take a picture of product
  • Take a picture of coupons inside or outside box
  • Write up on the coupons inside and anything important such as excludes
If we decide to use your picture/write up We’ll give you the coupon code for $3.00 to weclip.ca ( Canada’s first clipping coupons service) where you can shop yourself for coupons. Each coupon has a different value from a $0.05 to $0.30 depending on availability.

See if the product has been already Listed before entering 

See Bounty Example of picture: 


Oops! We could not locate your form.


How do you get the coupons?

We Will give you an individual Coupon Code for you to shop at Weclip.ca and you can pick out the coupons.

Coupon Value : Unknown But it would be a minimum of 13 Coupons . Based on Value I’d say you would earn a minimum of $39.00 value of coupons to add your collection, but could be as high as $50.00 value.

Each coupon costs between a nickle and 30 cents, and each coupon you order will vary on price. ( based on supply and demand)

So What are you waiting for : Get Earning some FREE coupons 


How many can I sumbit?

As many as you want. Just use the form for 1 product at a time with all the information.

What is the waiting period?

Summer May be up to 3  days ( on weekends)  – Fall /Winter: within 48 hours We will let you know.

How will I get this coupon Code?

By email: ( Please include your email address in the body somewhere:) This is the email address we will notify you with as well as send the coupon code to.



  1. I got the same error a few times I have added the pictures but they are not going through. Is there a size issue? or something else I am not aware of. Thanks

  2. o.k so when i went to send it again i got this error message

    Warning: copy (FAILED (Temporary file could not be copied.)) [Function.copy]: failed to open stream : no such file or directory in /home/canadian/public_html/wp-content/plugins/grvityforms/forms_model.php on line 1992

  3. Hey,
    I filled out the form and emailed it about a week ago and still haven’t gotten a response

  4. Just recieved my first coupon code. I can’t wait to try out weclip.ca THANK YOU Canadian Free Stuff!!

  5. I would like to get coupons mailed to me how does that work been looking all over this site to send my mailing dress for coupons

  6. Great idea! I love seeing what is out there. Now we will all know what to look for and see if we can find it our area/s TY

  7. Great idea! Excited about this. my boyfriend may kill me when we go shopping though, he thinks i already take too much time as it is :p haha

  8. Ohhh this is a cool new idea – now will i remember to take my camera when i go is the only question!

    Ty ladies for this!

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