Wickedly Sensual Fantasy 2 in 1 Review & Giveaway Ends Dec 15

Wickedly Sensual Fantasy 2 in 1 Review & Giveaway Ends Dec 15


I recently had an opportunity to review the Wickedly Sensual Fantasy line of 2 in 1 massage lubricant.  To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to trying it, I had a different Idea of what I was to be in store for.

I assumed it would be rather sticky, and strong-tasting, and well simply to put it, “NASTY”.  Why did I think this? Because I have bought other ones that are exactly that – Sticky – and Nasty tasting.”

But I have to say up front, I was very surprised to find Quite the opposite with this product line!


I received all four flavours to try out!

  • Tangerine Temptation
  • Mango Tango
  • Sweet on you
  • Strawberry Seduction


The bottles themselves are a sexy design. They have a black top and black bottom, with frosted glass.

I first tried out the Mango the Tango,  as I pumped a little into my palm, I could tell this product was NOT what I expected, and exceeded my expectations instantly.  It was  silky smooth for starters. So I spread it on to my opposite hand and began to rub it in, and I thought wow, it spreads well, and  it was not sticky at all.  It  was very easy to spread on.

The next thing I did was “Blow on it”, and it didn’t feel “hot” but I could feel a warm tingling sensation on the back of my hand.

So I then put some on the inside of my wrist, as  it’s a more sensitive part of the body.  Again I didn’t find “hot” when I blew on it, but rather a warm sensation.

Now for the Taste Test.

I licked the back of my hand, and inside of my wrist, and again I was delightedly surprised.   This test left me amazed  for 2 Reasons.

  1.  It tasted light, it didn’t taste ” over bearing” and over powering.
  2.  It didn’t leave my hand “Sticky”.  It actually left it soft, and there was no after effects of it ever being put on. ( There was no oily feeling either.)

So I this time with the Tangerine Temptations this time around, did another test with the other hand.  I put it on the top of the hand and rubbed it in slightly, and added some to my wrist, and rubbed it in a little.  This time I didn’t lick my hand right away, I let it simply dry on my hand.   My hand again wasn’t tacky at all to touch.

I was impressed! So What makes this product work so differently than other 2 in 1 massage lubricants?  Why do the others have a distinct after taste, and how is this product so not sticky?  What makes this product work?

So I did some research on Dannorth Website:

What ingredients are in Wickedly Sensual Pleasure Potions?

  • Vegetable derived glycerin, distilled water, flavour, citric acid and colour.
  • It is this combination of natural ingredients that give Wickedly Sensual Pleasure Potions their great taste, without a bad aftertaste.

Are Wickedly Sensual Pleasure Potions hypoallergenic?Yes, even those with sensitive skin should have no trouble using this product.

As for the Tastes. My Favorite was the Tango Mango, next in line would be the Tangerine Temptations, then the Strawberry Seduction, and last would be the Sweet on You.

Wickedly Sensual Fantasy 2 in 1 massage and lubricant potion is Created in Markum Ontario Canada. by Dannorth Labratories Inc.

You  can purchase Wickedly Sensual Fantasy 2 in 1 lubricant massage potion at Shoppers Drug Mart.


Dannorth Health Products Inc were nice enough to include a Giveaway to 1 lucky winner of 1 Full Set of Wicked Sensual Fantasy 2 -1 Massage Lubricant Potions.

Set Will include 4 full size bottles of 2 in 1 Massage – Lubricant


In order to Win This fabulous Prize of  4 ( 2 in 1) massage lubricants…..

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Contest Ends: December 15, 2010

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