Zenni Optical Canada Cheap Glasses/ Review

Zenni Optical Canada Cheap Glasses/ Review



I’m not sure if you heard of Zenni Optical or not before, but I’ve heard about them having cheap glasses, via one of my husband’s friends/co workers. He was telling that his wife buys lots of glasses from Zenni, because it was cheap, and that she owned 10 pairs, one of every color to match what ever outfit she was wearing.  Well I didn’t react until now.

Last Year I spent $600 on glasses for my 2 kids. And I was looking at having to pay for another  “Set of lens” for one of them, and now my husband needs glasses, so Add that up and we’re looking at having to shell out $380.00. As lens in my town are $80 a set.

So this year, I said enough, I’m done forking out the Big bucks for glasses. I’m just done.

So I went to the optometrist, and got my son’s eyes done, and I asked for the prescription, which they promptly just printed out.  Now previously I had heard from my neighbor that they were charging you $50 to have the prescription,  So I was ready to put up a fight, but did not have to.

Anyhow by Law, they have to give your eye prescription.  What may be missing is the PD – Pupil Distance.  And you simply measure it with a ruler. It helps to have a friend.

Frames start at $8 each and range to $25.00

There are NO extra charges for “Straight prescription ” unless they are bifocals, or progressives.

Also Get Scratch Resistant  Uv protection for free to dirt cheap including clip ons for your glasses.

I ended up buying my son 3 pairs of glasses for $75.00 I bought 2 pairs of regular glasses, and one pair of shades.

You can even purchase  “Ski goggles, and safety type glasses”

So I ordered them 9 days ( on a Sunday) and they arrived today by Fedex.

They shipped out of California, and when it arrived today, I did not have to pay duty or taxes.

At an average of $25 per pair of glasses, I can end up buying 12 pairs before the cost of 1 pair at my local eye-glass store.

I’m not affiliated in any way with Zenni Optical, just impressed with the glasses, and it was such a great savings for me. I thought I’d share my success with Zenni Optical  with all my readers.

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