It’s now fall or (autumn -what do you call it where you are from?), and Halloween is just around the corner! And obviously it’s time to talk about Halloween treat recipes we like.

Halloween has been one of my favourite holidays since I was a kid. When I was little, I loved to get dressed up and go trick or treating! Now that I’m older, I love to dress up my son and take him trick or treating! We also LOVE to make Halloween treat recipes. So I have put together a great list of Halloween Treat Recipes for you!

10 Easy Halloween Treat Recipes

Halloween Spider made out of a donut and preztels for a halloween treat- Easy Halloween Treat Recipe


1. Easy Mini Doughnut Spiders from It’s Always Autumn
I love me some doughnuts. These would be fun, and easy Halloween treat recipe to make with the kids! 

Vampire Float as a Halloween treat

2. Vampire Floats {Halloween Ice Cream Float} from Shaken Together
A fun treat for Halloween parties! Sure to be a hit with the kids! 

Easy peep marshmellow straws to make a fun drink for Halloween- Easy Halloween Treat Recipe

3. Easy Halloween Drink with Peeps from A Girl and a Glue Gun
Super Creative way to use Peeps! Love it! 

Frankenstine Rice Krispie squares as a halloween treat

5. Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats from Clean and Scentsible
I love rice, Krispie treats. I can’t wait to make these with my son. He will love it!

Mummy Hot Dog Recipe for Halloween


6. Mummy Hot Dogs from Frugal Coupon Living
My son is obsessed with hot dogs, so these will be a hit with him for sure! 

Easy Mummy Treats - Easy Halloween Treat Recipe

7. Yummy Mummy Treats from Crazy Little Projects
White Chocolate Covered Pretzels! Yes, please. I love chocolate-covered pretzels!

Halloween treat - pretzel bones

9. Pretzel Bones from A Worthey Read
The kids will love making this treat! It would also be an excellent snack for Halloween parties!

Pumpkin Poo Bags - Easy Halloween Treat Recipe

10. Pumpkin Poo from Somewhat Simple on Eighteen25
What kid wouldn’t love this? I have to admit it made me giggle 😉

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