10 Ways to Recycle Pringle Cans


10 Ways to re-use Pringle Cans

1. Cut a hole in the plastic top and use as a Piggy Bank ( you can even wrap it some kind of paper to beautify it)

2. Same as #1 but use as a donation box

3. Use as an Art Work Holder ( Keep your child’s artwork inside like the real artists)

4. Soap Molds – Pour glycerin soap into a clean Pringles Can, and let sit, Peel off the container, and cut into slices.

5. Time Capsules – Add stuff to the time capsule and bury it in your back yard.

6. Cookie Mailers – Put cookies inside clean Pringles container and decorate the outside of the can

7. Pasta Holder – Decorate and put in your spaghetti or other pasta

8. Bird House – Cut Holes and glue dowels on

9. Vases – Decorate and put plastic flowers in

10. Desk Set – Get Various small Pringles cans – glue together – Decorate and use to hold office supplies.

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