10 Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping




10 Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping


1. Make a List:

Making a list before leaving home, will help you with impulse items as well as the number of times you have to leave to go to the store. The more times a week, you have to go shopping, the more impulse buys you may make. So if you can cut down the number of times you are entering the store, the less money you will spend in a month. Print your grocery list 

2. Go Shopping on a Full Stomach.

Make sure you don’t go into the grocery store hungry. This one is a big one for myself, If I go into the store hungry, I generally will come out with a lot more processed junk, then I would of otherwise. Everything looks “yummy” when your starving, and it won’t hit you in the fruit isle either.

3. Know some of your basic pricing.

You should know where the cheapest price is to buy at least the staples in your house: Milk, bread, eggs, butter, meat per lb. The more pricing you can remember or start to write them down, Start a Price Book

4. Know Your Store:

If you know your store’s layout, You will know where they keep the clearance items, or where their on sale stuff is. Example In My Walmart in the beauty section, their clearance stuff is on the back shelf near the Pharmacy.

5. Pick up your Flyers.

If you have the time, Grab all the stores flyers, and go through them all and decide what you would like to buy. This doesn’t mean you have to visit each store, and buy from each, but you certainly can do that, depending on where you live. For myself I live in a smaller community and the 3 main stores I go to our within a 2 block radius of each other, So I typically will do all three if I have the time. But you can go to Walmart and do a PRICE MATCH. I also know that NO Frills will do a Price Match.

6. Optimizing your points

If you have an Airmiles points card, and Safeway has a good deal on some products, Make sure you physically go and buy those good deals from Safeway. But only buy those items.

7. Buy Extra

Only when there is a Really Good Deal. Most stores have a 3 month cycle. This means generally the same Item will appear again at that price again in 3 months. So If you find a case lot sale on Campbells soup that works out to $0.50 a can or less, buy enough to last your self 3 months.

8. Watch Expiry Dates:

Don’t go and buy 6 bottles of Ranch salad dressing, when you only use it once a week, because it was a good deal, because every food item has a best before date. This also includes Vitamins, Tylenol Etc. You should be careful of expiry dates, Cause this could mean your savings will be thrown out with the trash, and then that deal has costed you money.

9. Bring your own Bags:

Be environmentally Cautious and save a few cents every grocery trip. Many stores are now charging $0.05 per bag. ( In my area) , but those nickles can add up to a quarter every grocery trip you make. That can easily add up to $1.00 or more per month.

10. Use Coupons:

I say this last, because it’s not for everyone. I’m not talking Extreme Couponing here, with giant stockpiles of toothpaste, I’m simply talking about getting coupons on Items you use.

If you want to start finding coupons. Here’s 10 Ways to Get Coupons Article. or Visit our Coupon Section 

Do you have any other Tips on saving money while grocery shopping?



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