While some of us might be saving more when it comes to eating out, gas, social spending and entertainment, it is likely that your groceries have been costing you more than usual lately.


In a recent questionnaire, the Canadian digital flyer app reebee found that ~48% of respondents make fewer trips to the grocery store but buy more each time they go. 


There is no question that COVID-19 has left many Canadians in financially uncertain situations. Nearly 3 in 10 Canadians report that the pandemic has affected their ability to meet financial obligations such as rent, mortgage payments, or groceries. Also, it is not clear how much grocery prices will rise as we continue to social distance.


This is why reebee has put together some simple tips for saving on groceries amid COVID-19. Despite shifts in the retail landscape, reebee is proud still to offer its users access to hundreds of digital flyers so you can get the deals you need to save on groceries.

5 Ways to Save on Groceries during COVID19


  1. Make a list. Research indicates that we are less likely to “impulse buy” when we stick to a prepared shopping list. Planning your meals and what groceries you will need ahead of time is also a great way to limit the amount of time spent in the store. Reebee’s Shopping List feature allows you to browse and save your favourite offers, helping you save both time and money.


2. Take advantage of deals. Why pay full price when you don’t have to? You can significantly reduce your grocery spending just by browsing sales ahead of time and building your menu based on available offers. Using reebee, a family of four can save around $3978 per year on groceries.

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3. Get creative in the kitchen. Preparing meals at home using inventive recipes or your culinary vision will save you money. Purchasing ready-made meals is an easy way to grow your grocery bill quickly. Buy the ingredients you need using grocery deals and get cooking! And don’t worry, reebee is entirely digital, enabling you to view thousands of sales in the palm of your hands – without touching a paper flyer.


4. Consider your energy levels and appetite. When shopping while tired or hungry, we are more likely to buy easy and quick options. Easy-to-prepare meals are often the most eye-catching as they require low prep. However, they usually cost more and are less nutritious. Save more by heading to the store only when you have enough energy to make smart shopping decisions.


5. Utilize frozen produce. While popular opinion is often “fresh over frozen,” certain frozen foods still provide you with nutrients – such as fruits and vegetables. Frozen produce is often sold lower than fresh produce and lasts longer, preventing food waste. Consider roasting frozen butternut squash to make homemade soup or a side dish. Frozen fruit medleys can also be blended to make delicious smoothies. 


With a little planning and preparation, saving can be easy! Available for Free on iOS, Android and online, reebee is here to help nourish your families with wholesome foods at lower costs. We’re all in this together!

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