6 Coupons Canada Apps to Have to Save On Groceries

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Jun 15, 2020

Coupons Canada App to Save on Groceries

Groceries are expensive these days! The average Canadian spends $350 per month! So a family of 4 can easily spend anywhere from $600 to $1000 depending on ages and dietary needs. But with a few free downloads of Apps, we can show you how to begin to save money right from your phone!

Here are 6 Smartphone Applications that will help you save money – No matter what stores you have available to shop from. I love these apps as I am from a small town and don’t get all the choices of stores – Plus, these are great apps that don’t interfere with other rewards programs – Total Win-Win!

Top 3 Saving Money with Price Matching between grocery stores:

We all know healthy eating is expensive when buying fresh fruit and vegetables – not to mention Meat.

Gone are the days of having flyers delivered to your home, and having to flip through the pages. Now simply create your list and start using your apps to find the savings. The more you use these applications, the more you will learn the best prices for the items you purchase regularly.

Start Stocking up when items are a good buy! Live in a small town with not many stores to choose from? Well, these apps will help you as well!

Flyer Apps

To Get the best use out of Flyer Apps.

  1. Create a Grocery list
  2. Enter in each item into one or all of 3 of these apps ( You may prefer one over another )
  3. See the results of each item to compare prices.
  4. Add Best Sale to your Price Book
  5. Also, you can use these apps for just about anything when it comes to shopping for anything from tools to household appliances as well – it’s not only dedicated to groceries.




The Top 3 Canada Flyer Apps to Choose from

Flipp: One of the most popular Flyers in your area App. What stands it apart is it will put money dollar signs on items with Smartsource printable coupons on – to help you save money with some of the printed coupons available. Flipp also has a Cool Grocery Shopping list feature as well.

Rebee: Gives you a full list of flyers – updated every week. Great way to do price matching in your local stores. This app will also sync your grocery list.

Sale Whale: Geo Location – Allows you to search for an item from bananas to ham etc. So you can effortlessly search flyers and locate where the best price is. It also has Recipes to make using items on sale.

Cash Back Smart Phone apps Available to Canada.

Tips on how to use Cash Back to your advantage!

  1. Only Buy what you use
  2. Try to use Cashback with a sale price
  3. Take advantage of bonus or surveys when available
  4. Take advantage of online receipts where accepted.
  5. Use Cash Back Apps for Costco
  6. Take advantage of Grocery deals online as well this way

Top 3 Canadian Cash Back apps Available

Checkout51 – New offers change on Thursdays – This is the most significant Cashback Application right now – Lots of new offers each week! Also, they will accept online purchases if delivered in the week.

Caddle – This is the second-largest cashback site – Lots of bonus money by doing quick surveys. Great way to save a few cents on meat and veggies.

Websaver Digital Coupons – Only has select Stores – but You can still save additional money




Top Canadian Rewards Apps to have

PC Plus is a great way to earn free groceries – It can be used at any Loblaws grocery food chain plus Shoppers Drug Mart and some Mobil Esso Stations. With a family of 3 adults, we easily earn a few hundred dollars throughout the year by shopping with rewards.


Be consistent with your purchasing – Ignore the app for the first while, and it will start pulling on your purchasing habits, and you will find more and more offers will show up with your actual purchase history.

Always check the app to see if your better off spending another $5.00 to reach a specific goal of value – You may get an additional $10 value.


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