Acuvue Canada Rewards Program – Up to $200 per Year




New Acuvue Rewards Program

  • You can receive up to $200 in prepaid visas per year with proof of an ACUVUE® purchase.

How it Works

  1. Sign up for Acuvue Rewards Program
  2. Schedule an Eye Exam with your Eye Care Professional
  3. Purchase ACUVUE Brand Contact Lenses at participating locations
  4. Log in to upload your receipt and enter your Code

Get Acuvue Mail in Rebate

Print out Mail-in Rebate Form


Wearing contacts!

Contact Lens are great – take times way of having heavy eyeglasses on your face. Stop getting glare on pictures when you wear contact lens. The down fall is you should not wear them all the time and you need to make sure you change your lens on time to avoid eye infections.



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