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Adult Essentials Vitamins and Nutrient supplements can be purchased on several places online: Check out the following Sites to find the best values and to save you money on this Canadian Brand!  Watch Shipping minimums and use this as a consideration when shopping online : All the following Online retailers ships to your home address in Canada. carries a good Selection of Adult Essentials including Fibre Supplements


Free Shipping on orders over $49

Walmart carries a few selections of Adult Essentials for both Men & Women.

Shop Walmart 

Free Shipping on all Orders over $50

Amazon carries this brand as well : But unfortunately many times it’s not shipping it : So you may have to pay shipping costs for this brand – There are currently only 3 items for sale of this Canadian Vitamin brand.


Free Shipping on Orders over $35 ( When Ships)



Adult Essentials Products:

All Adult Essentials products have no artificial flavouring and are as well nut and dairy free + Gluten Free.

  • Fibre Gummies
  •  Multivitamin with DHA & EPA 
  •  Omega-3
  •  Vitamin D
  •  Advanced B-Complex

Find Vitamins for the yourself – Taste Great and almost covers most important allegens – so shouldn’t interfere with any specialty diet you may have to follow!



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