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Aero Chocolate Bars Deal for Canada

Shop Online today at Amazon and get a 4pk of Aero bars for just $3.49

This is an “ADD On Item” and also has restrictions on shipping to only certain locations

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Free Shipping on orders over $35.00



Shop Online for Aero Chocolate products! I thought they would melt and cause havoc- so I thought there’s no way you can shop for Aero Chocolates Online: Buy Guess What! Beep! Wrong – You can :


Yes Currently Walmart has 11 Aero Chocolate products you can order online

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Free Shipping on all Orders over $50


Aero has it’s own chocolates up for sale on Amazon Canada.

There are some items as “ADD ON’s” and somewhere you can simply purchase


Free Shipping on orders $35.00


 Did you know?

That the first Aero bar was introduced back in 1935? People loved the milky bubbly feel of this product and it soon began to grow in popularity.

Today you can get the following variety of Aero bars;

  • Aero Milk
  • Aero Peppermint
  • Aero Dark
  • Aero Bubbles Milk
  • Aero Bubbles Peppermint

Nestle is the company that makes the famous Aero bar among many other products out there.

A little background on Aero for those of you that are not familiar.

These bars are known for their “joyful” bubbles. You cannot help but smile when you bite into one of these babies that’s for sure.

Other Products

Check out some of these other delicious products as well;

  • Aero Brownies
  • Aero Chocolate Fondue
  • Aero Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Aero Bubbles Cookies.

Dreamy sweet snacks that you will fall in love with instantly.




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