Alysena Birth Control Pills Recall




New Alysena Birth control Recall: 2018

Reason: Affected lot may contain chipped/broken tablets

Lot Number: LF10133A

There’s not much Information on this recall: I suggest if you have this lot number – you should see your pharmacy or pharmacist and discuss it – or at least look over your pills very carefully

The expiry date on this batch is October 2018

See Health Canada for announcement 


In 2013 Alysena Had the following Recall – birth control Pills

 *** UPDATE: 11 NEW Lot Numbers Recalled!

The maker of the birth-control pill Alysena 28 has just issued an urgent product recall after they found out that one lot of their line of contraceptives may have been incorrectly packaged, with two weeks placebo tablets instead of one.

Women taking these pills would not be receiving the proper amount of hormone medication, which could increase the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy.

A recall notice was announced this morning by Health Canada, Apotex Inc. who said the product’s 28-day blister packs should include 21 active birth-control pills plus seven placebo tablets that contain no medical ingredients.

According to Health Canada, the lot number of the affected pack is LF01899A. They may or may not instead contain 14 placebo pills and 14 active contraceptive tablets.

UPDATE: The Following Lot Numbers Have Been Added to The Recall:

LF01901A     LF01980A     LF02037A
LF01900A     LF01982A     LF02036A
LF01898A     LF01981A     LF02026A
LF01894B     LF01979A

Alysena 28 is sold in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, P.E.I. and Quebec.

(it is sold in all provinces except Saskatchewan and Alberta)


If you or someone you know are taking these pills, you are asked to bring the packs back to your pharmacist and exchange it for a replacement. And to speak with your doctor if you have taken any of the affected pills.


Click Here For More Details From Health Canada


If you would like to see all the products recalled by Health Canada CLICK HERE


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