Amazon Eco Diaper Products 30-35% off


Eco Diapers and Wipes on Sale 30% off

Amazon Prime Day has a great deal for all parents out there with babies still in diapers. If your eco-conscious or you need a good deal  Here’s an awesome deal for you.

There are tons of eco-friendly diapers on sale for 30% off including premium brands like Seventh Generation and The Honest Company

Click here to shop at  Amazon Canada

Take a look around and also check on the sizes of diapers you need. What I love about Amazon is you can see the price of each diaper in the package – making it much easier to see if you’re getting a deal. You may even find steeper discounts

Find baby wipes for up to 35% off including Flushable baby wipes.

They also have baby wipes on sale, including these Eco by Naty Thick Flushable Baby Wipes. A MASSIVE collection (12 packs of 42 wipes, so 504 wipes in total) is down to just $27.30 from $62.97!

You need to make sure you are a valid Amazon Prime Member in order to qualify for these prices.


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