Amazon Canada Grocery Deals – July 26 2020

Amazon Grocery Deals found online for today

Aug 24, 2020

Amazon Canada Grocery Deals

You may not think of grocery shopping at Amazon – Most of the time we think of shopping at for Insta Pots, toys, books, etc – actual goods. But you can save on groceries.

It may not be “City Deals”. But let’s face it – Canada is a Huge Place, and many of us (me included) don’t always get “Toronto Deals” and access to a million stores, some of us are just lucky to get easy access to Walmart and No Frills ( or Loblaws stores)

So Shopping Amazon Grocery Deals – takes some time, and not every deal you see posed will be the “BEST Price” for your Price Book. But when you’re in a hurry, or perhaps you simply want to shop in your PJs on a Sunday afternoon – this tread is for you.

Yes I do get a very small percentage for promoting products – and Not getting rich, but all pennies equal into dollars. But I am doing this to help fellow Canadians save on their grocery bills during this time

Today’s Deals: July 19. 2020

Remember Prices can change in a second. So please don’t be surprised if the price changes. Your best bet is to make sure this post has today’s date.

Also, Most Items Won’t be shipping Right away due to the virus, so please don’t order anything you may need this week. Think Longer time shopping ahead for your future needs.


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Febreze Melts

Febreze Wax Melts Warmer: Lowest Price of the Year $9.99



imageSugar Cookie Mix $1.49 ( Add on)



imageNature Valley 30 granola bars $9.97


imageSmooth Peanut Butter 2kg $7.99


image3pk of Scrub sponges $3.97 ( Add on Price)



Coconut Oil $9.99




NIVEA Essential Lip Balm (4.8g Stick) $1.49 ( Add on Price)




Wilton 2201-2513 White Fondant Icing, Decorator Preferred, Ready to Use, 680g (24oz)

Add on Price $8.39 ( Shipping IN May)


imageManitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah Balanced Protein + Fibre Powder$12.98 ( May Delivery)




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