Amazon Canada Halloween Dog Costumes


Halloween Dog Costumes for Canada

Here’s a few original ideas to dress up your dog and where to purchase them.

All these dog costumes can be found at Amazon, and this is just a sample of costumes you can purchase for your furry best friend.

Includes a variety of sizes and ideas for your pooch!

Happy Halloween!

Security Tshirt for Your Pup/Dog

How cute is this for an easy to wear costume for your dog – especially hilarious if you own a small breed that like to hear themselves!

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Dog Cowboy Costume

I just keep thinking of adding this Cowboy rider to any Great Dane ( as we always say a small horse upon running into one due to their large size)



Dog Spider Costume!

So Cute and Adorable and so easy to be a traditional costume that won’t go out of sytle


Teddy Bear Costume

If you have seen the commercials or Youtube videos on this  character online – Here’s your chance to have the same fun with your furry friend!





Ewok Star Wars Costume :

Adorable dog costume if your a starwars fan!

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Such a Cute Costume for a small dog!



Hot Dog Costume


Even More Humorous for a Weiner Dog !


Witch Dog Costume

Adorable little costume for any Yorkie – or if you wanted a traditional costume for your female dog

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Dress up your dog or puppy in a Witch Costume including hat.



Pity the Pooch Costume:

If your a Huge Fan of Pity – Dress him up as the Real thing

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Pimp out your dog for the A Team



Every Dog is a Superman

Adorable to see every year and fits just about all our furry kids nature as dogs are know to be so loyal – Cute for a Super Good Dog!



Your Dog is a Hero – He should dress the part!


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