Top 11 Deals to Watch for at Amazon Canada

Now if you’re a coupon user – you may be able to get a lot of this stuff for cheaper at your local grocery stores or Walmart ( Which we do try and incorporate when posting an deal ( if it is the same )
But hey we can’t all be on the ball all the time, nor can all of us score some of the hottest coupons out there due to location!
For most of that live in a Rural part of Canada and not in a large city – shopping online can actually save you money all year round – especially if you have to travel to get to your local Walmart ( save 1/2 hour)


Here’s my list of items you should always check on sale before having to purchase! 


1. Toilet paper.

Amazon Canada usually has some great deals on toilet paper! And you get the convenience of having them delivered to your door! ( such an added bonus for us busy mothers) To watch for great toilet paper deals – You can also check out our deals pages for the following brands we tend to follow: Cottonelle, Charmin, Cashmere, &  Royale



2. Laundry Detergent

Some Great Deals for Laundry Detergent can be found on Amazon Canada! Every week there’s always a laundry sale and additional coupons you can get to save even more! If you also want a decent all around deal you can subscribe and save ! for “

3. Hair Dye

Garnier hair dye can right now be bought for $6.95 and sometimes there’s a coupon for even a better saving!  Also sometimes you can find good hair product deals such as Garnier Whole  ” ADD ON” items – which can help you get FREE Shipping when your just below – and you get a good deal as well.

4. Auto Parts

I know Right! Whom would of thought of Auto parts – But boy auto/motorbike/ RV parts can pricey – especially things like bulbs, wipers etc, so this is a great place to price compare when hunting for any kind of auto parts whether its a consumable such as wiper blades  or a new muffler – especially when your shopping comparison again your local parts store – it can definitely save you some cash.

5. Pet Supplies

Whether you have a dog or a cat or multiples of each – our fur babies cost us money each month! So if you can save on cat litter or dog treats – Give it a whirl! I saw milk bones for a $1.00 one time! So take a look at Pet Supplies if you have any critters.

7. Kitchen Appliances

For some reason – I love looking at kitchen appliances – Not that I need anything more in my kitchen – but for some reason, I just love browsing the newest and latest gadgets or how they have improved with time.  I just find has tons of deals on some sort of kitchen appliances on a daily basis! So definitely use for a price comparison

8. Food

These food deals are a hit and miss with your local grocery stores, but there’s the occasion sale that is a solid deal and generally matches Walmart Canada regular prices – so if your a huge flyer  watcher – you won’t find that many “steals” but if you don’t have the time to shop and price compare – but know your prices enough to spot a half decent deal – It’s worth a look! Or See What we found for Grocery Deals online 

8. Baby Wipes.

Occasionally local grocery stores offer a great price on smaller packed wipes after a high-value coupon, but typically you can find baby wipes on Amazon from 1¢ to 2¢ per wipe! Sometimes it’s a huge container – buy hey when you use them – you use them!

9. Diapers, Swim Diapers & Pull-Ups s prices on diapers are usually a good deal – and generally, they really seem to keep up on prices at Walmart Canada. – I have found lately that Amazon matches with the rollbacks at Walmart – so if you don’t have a Walmart close by, or you don’t want to drive or be inconvenienced by finding a solid decent deal – See if your diapers are on sale this week.  Diapers can be easily found for $0.18 per diaper. Swim Diapers pricey little buggers are at just shy of $0.50 per diaper! We all know Pull-ups ( training diapers)  are also an expensive time of the potty training stage and highly depends on Size for how much per count.


10. Coupon Deals

It’s pretty common knowledge – But there are some extra savings online with – You can sometimes make the deal extra sweet by using Amazon Coupons them or they will sometimes make the deal worthy enough to shop online – all depends on how you shop! All you need to do is a tick off the box!


11. Lightning Deals

Time Deals are also a great way to watch for upcoming gifts that you may have to purchase – or either that sometimes its something you may need or desire – it’s usually worth a peek a few times a week to see what’s new!  But you may need to act fast as they all have an expiry date





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