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Every other month Amazon Canada has something new these past few years – Prime, Videos, Music, Photo storage, Now Grocery Delivery. So, of course, they had to introduce Coupons to help out the Savvy shoppers.

Amazon Coupons are way better than more your newspaper clipped or printable coupons though. It’s just a click away to get the savings

I’m sure you’ve seen us promote the odd Amazon Canada Coupon on our Facebook Group.

But If you haven’t heard, Well does have coupons.  I know I have run into them just cruising around the site from time to time. But it’s great to know where to look and hunt for them, and Not have to stumble along for additional savings.


How to Find and Use Coupons on

You can find coupons for just about anything including kids toys, pet food, electronics, clothing, and any other item your shopping for.

What’s great about Amazon Canada coupons is you don’t have to get scissors and actually physically clip the coupon – You simply need to Click a Box to get the savings.

One of the cool things about  Amazon Coupons is that you can get new savings daily and the coupons are based on your shopping habits. For instance, if you shop on Amazon Canada for baby products you will easily find coupons for baby supplies – diapers, formula, diaper bags



To get started with Amazon Canada coupons, go to the main site, then click on the link on the top menu that says  “Today’s Deals.” and then from there you can click on “Coupons”.  Or just use this direct link.


You can easily browse most popular coupons by clicking on the links in the left-hand column to help narrow down your search of products if your hunting for something specific, or if you just want to browse some savings.



If and when you find something that interests you, All you have to do is either “Clip this coupon, and move on – Your coupon will be automatically waiting for you. You will see a Message: CDN$ x.xx  coupon applied. Your coupon will be applied at checkout. Details


When you are done shopping online, you want to see the savings in the shopping cart when you go to check out. No Worries simply use the Shopping cart, and before you give your credit card, you can see all your discounts and coupons adjusted at your total.


Subscribe to save additional – This means you will have to set up a frequency and quantity for the items to be delivered to your home.  Which can be handy for cat litter, dog food, diapers, formula, etc that you purchase on a regular basis.


If you are a Prime Member you will be able to access more coupons – because there are special coupons that are member only access.



Can You Use Manufacturer’s Coupons on Amazon?


You won’t be able to use manufacturer’s coupons on Amazon. You can use Rebate application such as Checkout51 and Caddle to save more. ( Just watch for the Rebate expiry dates, as you will need your packing slip to redeem. It’s a great way to Double dip on some items at times.

Stacking Coupons on Amazon

If you can find two different coupon discounts – feel free to use it. If you can find a general Amazon coupon code, plus a special brand coupon codes – you can stack.

Your best bet is to simply plan your savings on what items are on sale: Example P&G products are 10% off when you purchase $35.00 or more, you can find a special “Clip Coupon on a product” on a sales item. That’s the simplest way to double down on savings.





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