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Amazon Movie Deal: The Minions

Only $12.99  58% Savings 

About this Movie:

The Minions, breakout stars from “Despicable Me,” are presented in an origin story that showcases their unpredictable personality and physicality, and pairs them with equally memorable human characters.of the 1960s.

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Amazon Movie Deal: Shaun The Sheep Movie

Now only $12.99 from $20.00

Shaun the Sheep ends up being a movie about Shaun The Sheep having to mastermind rescuing his farmer after a vehicle the farmer sleeps in goes into the city. What complicates matters is that Shaun the Sheep and his group have to navigate around a fanatical animal control worker named Trumper.

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Jurassic World Movie

Now just $12.99 From $19.99

Twenty-two years ago, John Hammond envisioned a theme park where guests could experience the thrill of witnessing actual dinosaurs.

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