Amazon’s Alexa Privacy Breach News




Amazon’s Alexa Privacy Breach News (Serious Flaws)

In this technological age, it seems more and more of us are having to deal with privacy issues. This is a good and scary topic, and it needs to be addressed.

There have been many data breaches since we have become to depend more and more on technology and social media.

Some of the most significant data breaches over the last several years have included places like Yahoo, eBay, Target, Sony PlayStation, and of course, the ever-popular Facebook.

Here is the latest privacy breach

Amazon’s Alexa records a family’s private conversation and sends it to one of their contacts. reports

A family in Portland, Oregon, claims that their Alexa, a voice-controlled smart speaker by Amazon, eavesdropped on their conversation and then shared it. They called the company to investigate the issue and vowed never to use the device again.

“My husband and I would joke and say I’d bet these devices are listening to what we’re saying,” Danielle, who did not give her last name, told KIRO-TV on Thursday.

She said her family was shocked to find out that a talk they had in their home was sent to one of their contacts hundreds of miles away in Seattle, Washington.

I have had instances where my family and I would be having a simple conversation, and suddenly when I log into my Facebook account via my mobile device, the exact topic would pop up in my newsfeed. Scary indeed. It will make a person wonder if our privacy is as good as we think it is.



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What do you think of this latest privacy breach? Do you think we are safe, or should we be doing more to protect ourselves online? Who should be responsible when a data breach occurs?

Leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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  1. If you can’t use a piece of paper to make a list, then you get what you deserve !
    More and more tech means more and more people hacking said tech.
    Face it , do you really need some device to get off your butt to turn a light out ?
    Pathetic !!

  2. I’m not surprised, it was only a matter of time before something like this was going to happen.!!!!

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