American Apparel: Get 25% off Intimates

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American Apparel Sale for Canada February 2016

Get 25% off Intimates

This sale is valid until February 14, 2016. Valid in store and online.

Shipping Policy 

Free Shipping to Canada on orders over $50.00

If Under its a flat rate of $8.00 per order.

About & History

What American Apparel Offers:

  • Women Fashions
  • Men  Fashions
  • Kids and Babies Fashions
  • Accessories
  • Vintage

American Apparel was founded by a Canadian ( Ironic) back in 1989 . The man’s name was Dov Charney  .  He was a man whom experimented with screen printing on apparel. The company located to Los Angeles  and started a whole factory asa wholesale brand and later moved into the retail stores.

In 2006 American Apparel went listed on the Stock exchange.

It is one of the few companies that export “Made in the USA”.

There are over 200 stores worldwide  including  retail stores in Canada.

American Apparel is a company that provides fashionable clothing to all kinds of people. They have fashions for kids and adults. What is cool about this fashion line is that they have so many different options for everyone. What makes American Apparel any different from the various other clothing lines in the world? Well, there are a number of things.

One of the more prominent and impressive things is that their leader and owner, Dov Charney, has made a commitment to remain sweatshop free in the production of their products. In a business where these sweatshops are fairly common practice either here or overseas, Charney’s public outcry and commitment has been a nice change. His voice has been an important one in helping to shift the norm on this hot topic across the globe.

To many, it is just one more reason to buy his high quality and exciting clothing lines.





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