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New  American Apparel Coupon Code

  • Save 20 % off Select Styles of Tee’s, and Tank Topss,

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The coupon is valid till May 15, 2019, Online purchases only.

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 Garment Workers

There have been many concerns over foreign working conditions and pay these last few years with some of the most popular clothing brand companies out there.

American Apparel does not believe in the sweatshop mentality. Their workers earn on average 50 times more than the many of the competitors out there. Many workers in this industry in Bangladesh for example only receive $600 a year without benefits. American Apparel pays its workers approximately $30 000 a year with benefits.

Personally, I think that a company like this is worth supporting. It’s not about the bottom dollar for them. They believe that equal work deserves equal pay.

Dov Charney is the founder of American Apparel.

Clothing For The Whole Family

Here you will find affordable and trendy pieces for everyone in your family. From gorgeous styles for men and women to kids styles that are sure to turn heads. Great prices as well.

Collections include Denim, Lingerie, Dance, and Basics. Depending on what type of clothing you are looking for.

While you are browsing online, be sure to check out the Sale Section where you will find stylish clothing for less. You never know what kind of treasure you will find at American Apparel.


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