Ardene Canada Coupon Code: Save $10 off when you spend $50 Online

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Ardene Canada Coupon Code.

  • Save $10 off when you spend $50

This offer applies in Ardene stores and online.

Use coupon code at checkout: 10FIDDY

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This Ardene Coupon Offer is valid for a Limited Time Only


Ardene Canada

Ardenes was founded in 1982. This brand as become known for it’s one stop shopping for complete, stylish outfits. If it’s “in” you can be sure to find it at Ardene’s. Those brand name looks for less. For example, they have UGG like boots that give your outfit the same appeal as the brand name ones. Love Toms? Well, they have those look-alike shoes as well. No worries about having to dish out tons of cash to get the cool looks you want. I love the fact that you can purchase items in numbers for less. Like the 10 items for $10 and 5 items for $10, etc. This makes it so much easier to pick up the accessories and items for the perfect outfit. From head to toe, you can find awesome looks. They have new items arriving on a daily basis giving it’s customers so much to choose from. Find the following products in store and online at Ardene’s

  • jewelry
  • hair accessories
  • footwear
  • cosmetics
  • clothing
  • and more.

Summer Season is right around the corner. Why not pick up a few of those cute bikini’s and flip flops they have in stock. Top it off with a wide rimmed sun hat and hot nail polish colors. Don’t forget to add a colorful tote beach bag. Happy Shopping Everyone!!




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