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Astro is a leading brand of yogurt here in Canada. You can find many variety’s and flavours of Astro Yogurt in any of your local grocery stores.  Astro also has Greek Yogurt for those of you wanting more protein in yogurt.

If you love Astro Yogurt: You’ll love what we can offer you. Here’s what we have:

>>Astro Yogurt Coupons

Once in a while Astro will put a coupon on line for one of their new flavours of yogurt or products in general. It may be a printable or it may be mailed to you: it will vary. Hurry these coupon offers don’t last long. But do not fear: We are the #1 Site for showcasing each new grocery coupon, so check back often, as you never know when a new one will appear.

>>Astro Yogurt Mail in Rebate

Once in a while Astro will put up a new Mail in Rebate- You will usually have to collect pins or UPC codes in order to get a Free Gift from Astro Yogurt. These are time sensitive and are usually only hosted 1x per year., so check back often, as you never know when a new one will appear.

>>Astro Contests 

This brand offers  offers some fabulous contests time to time: You can win trips or other great electronic prizes, or it could be product prizes. So don’t forget to come back so often and check if there is a new  contest from Astro.  We will be the first to hear about it! Good Luck on the contests!  

>>Astro Deals 

Sometimes we find a great deal with Astro Yogurt products at a local store, and combined with coupons you can get this product for $1.00 or less. So check back often to see if we found a killer of a deal to buy Astro products.

>>Astro Recipes 10  

Do you have an Excess of yogurt in your home that needs to be used up? well check out these 10 awesome recipes we found on line that use yogurt as a main ingredient.



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