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Are you doing the Atkins diet, and wanting to purchase these brand name products online? Low Carb Diets are all the Rage – and Atkins was the diet to set the Carb Trend.

Here’s where we have found you can purchase these products.

Well Canada has several Adkin products to choose from including Shakes, bars, and the good candy bars.

Shop Atkins at Well Canada

Free Shipping on orders over $35.00


Shop Amazon for this brands products of shakes and protein bars.

Shop Amazon for Atkin products

Shipping varies per vendor.

The Atkins diet was popular back int he 1960’s and 1970’s :

The Diet includes Low Carb, and High Fat Diet.   You will eat a lot of vegetables and meat products. Do not worry about bacon or chicken skin,  – Free To eat them on this diet.

It has Stages where you start to eat and bring in higher carb foods.


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