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New Freebie from Fleischmann’s!

Enjoy this Free Downloadable cookbook ( PDF)  filled with classice home made recipes

Some of the Recipes include

  • Caramel Corn
  • Pecan Pie
  • Pepperoni pizza
  • Beginners White Bread
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls
  • Mexican Chocolate Rolls

This Recipe book consists of 20 pages long

Download Fleishmann’s Recipe book ( ongoing)



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About Fleischmann’s

Fleischmann’s Yeast has been used for generations for the main active ingredient for making your favorite breads and baked items when involving yeast.  They have several products out for both Quick and Normal with different sizing as well as now Cornstarch.

Enjoy Fresh Bread and home made delights!


Acuvue has Free Contact lens you can try !

Simply order your free sample today and try a new set of contacts!

You can also receive a free pair when you visit your eye doctor and simply ask to try this brand!

Order your free Acuvue Contact lens

Offer is ongoing!



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About Accuvue

Acuvue is part of Johnson & Johnson.  This brand was created in 1988. They created the world’s first soft disposable contact lens.  They claim it’s the prefered brand of any contact lens around the world.

They have a vision to offer affordable yet comfortable eyeway for the world to see better.


  •  Lacreon
  • Hydraclear
  • Hydraclear Plus and1
  • Blink Stabilized
  • Stereo Technology

post it coupon april 1st


Here is the latest printable coupons from 3m Post It.
  • Save $1.00 OFF the purchase of any 2 Post-it® Brand Product
  • Save $1.00 OFF the purchase of any 2 Scotch Brand Product

Print Post It Coupon Here

Coupon expiry date is unknown.



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About Post It:

The Post-it Note was invented not by mistake but by discovery. A scientist discovered a unique light adhesive, but couldn’t find a use for it, then years later a colleague remembered the adhesive, and thought it work great  to use as a bookmark for his church hymnal. The rest  of the story:

Today Post It has more than 4000 products.

Do you use Post it notes?

I love sticky paper! I use similar items on my fridge to write down stuff I need, I don’t always pick up my phone and put it in – call me old fashioned – but its just as quick to do!

I loved sticky notes at the office – great for passwords and message posting for what needs to be done on task right away!

I notice Banks really use the Post it Flags – for placing your signature on larger documents where you can’t miss them.


The Salvation Army has several coupons across Canada. They are all divided by province, and each set of province has different coupons with different expiry dates.  Happy Coupon Shopping!


Western Canada Coupons by Province 

Print Alberta Salvation Army Coupon 

Print British Columbia Salvation Army Coupon 

Print Saskatchewan Salvation Army coupon

Print Manitoba Salvation Army Coupon 


Quebec & Atlantic Provinces 

Print Quebec Salvation army coupon 

Print Nova Scotia Coupon 

Print New Brunswick Coupon 

Print Newfoundland Coupon 


Ontario ( Central Coupons)




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McDonalds Coffee $1.00 Deal

Enjoy a Hot Premium Roast Coffee for just a $1.00 + tax

See a location Near you

Coffee offer ends December 10, 2017

Hot Promotion from McDonald’s.

This just in from news;

With McDonald’s now offering a delivery service, the fast-food giant is looking to make customers comfortable eating at home with a new clothing line that includes an adult-size Big Mac onesie.

Oak Brook, Illinois-based McDonald’s describes the McDelivery Collection as “a selection of fun, fashion forward items you can wear or use whenever and wherever you order.” It also includes french fry-themed sweatsuits and sandals, hamburger pillowcases and a picnic blanket dotted with McDonald’s items.

Customers can get the items for free, while they last, by ordering meals from McDonald’s restaurants in select cities through the UberEats app on Wednesday.

Click here for more information on Mcdonald’s latest promotion

We are hoping this cool offer is available for us Canadians as well. is another website that as made us aware of this exciting promotion. Click here for more information.

McDonald’s Canada Promotions for 2017

Mccafe Rewards at McDonalds

  • Enjoy a FREE Medium McCafe beverage when you buy 7 hot beverages.
  1. Purchase any McCafe hot and delicious beverage
  2. Peel the McCafe rewards card off your first cup
  3. Collect the stickers off your 7 hot beverages cups
  4. Redeem your completed McCafe card for your FREE hot McCafe beverage at any McDonalds participating restaurant

Click here to find a McDonald’s location near you 

Offer is vaild until for a limited time.



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What’s New at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s Restaurants across Canada as just introduced the new Salad Bowls!

These salads are made with delicious fresh ingredients like baby kale, apples, parmesan, coucous, and more.

Try one of these varieties of salad the next time you are visiting;

  • Harvest Salad Bowl
  • Cesar Salad Bowl
  • Greek Salad Bowl

Become a Salad Society Member to be kept up to date on all the latest salad news at Mcdonald’s

Plus when you become a member and you could win 1 of 10 $10 gift cards.

This offer ends on August 6, 2015 so keep that in mind.

McDonald’s Card

Load your card with a specific dollar amount and use it at your convenience. No more fumbling or loose change on your next visit. Makes a great gift as well. The first restaurant location was opened in 1955 and from that very first day people were hooked. They cannot get enough of that delicious goodness. They are most famous for the Big Mac Sandwich and kids seem to love their Happy Meals.

Did you know?

That 2.5 million people visit Mcdonald restaurants on a daily basis.

There are over 1400 restaurants located in Canada

The Big Mac Sandwich was introduced in 1968

Happy Meals

Happy Meals have changed somewhat to give you more options. All meals now include yogurt, a choice of side, drink, and a toy. Available in the following; Chicken McNuggets, Chicken Snack Wrap, Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Grilled Cheese.


2 FREE packs of Keurig k-cups With Purchase

  • You may register up to 3 machines, and eligible to receive an offer for 2 free K Cups ( 22/24/25 ount) or Vue Pack ( 12 or 16 pk)or Rivo 18 packages with the purchases of 2 boxes.

Simply provide your brewer’s serial number, date and place of purchase.

*Note: The offer has been changed, it is now a buy 2 boxes get 2 boxes free Coupon

Enjoy 2 FREE boxes of Keurig K-Cups



* indicates required

Keurig licensed coffee machines should also be registered with whom manufactured it.

Mr Coffee or call 1800-672-6333

Cuisinart or call 1800-211-9604

Breville  or call 1-866-BREVILLE

After online registrations are verified,  a coupon code will be emailed to you. It may take a week to verify and deliver the coupon code.


To take advantage of this free trial, simply Fill out this form, and an authorized deal will provide you with a Keurig brewing system and free samples to enjoy with no obligation.

Shop Keurig Canada

You can shop Keurig in Canada, and no longer have to use the USA Site to shop for your keurig.

New Agropur Coupon

  • Save $5.00 on your next purchase of Agropur Cheese

You will need to complete a brief survey and answer a few questions in order to get access to the coupon. ‘

In Mailed Format Only –

Take the Quiz

Coupon expiry date is June 30, 2018



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About Agropur

  • Mission 
    • To develop brands of dairy that consumers will enjoy
  • Become a #1 Supplier

Agropur has been around since  the 1930s, In Quebec.

This year:2017  Agropur Cooperative and Agrifoods International Cooperative Ltd. – two of Canada’s leading dairy cooperatives – Agropur will become the sole owner of Ultima Foods Inc.


Some of their Product Line 

  • Greek Olympic:
  • IÖGO Smoothie
  • Natrel Milk Bar by Java U
  • La Crème des champs
  • Le Connaisseur
  • Natrel lactose-free milk,
  • Natrel iced coffee
  • OKA cheese fondue


this is a culinary adventure featuring 100 % Canadian dairy products.Watch for it in your local grocery stores. It is also 30 delicious recipes that will allow you to enjoy every moment of the day.


Bassili’s Coupon

Bassili’s just contacted me: And they have slightly changed their “coupon” .

Collect 6 Upc codes from any of the boxed and receive 1 Free Product Coupon for a 907g box

Updated: You will now need to include a SELF Addressed Envelope to get their coupon

See New Promotion 

Old Promotion but still works 

Collect 6 UPC’s from any Bassili’s Best products and receive a FPC(free product coupon) for a FREE LASAGNA.

Must mail in your UPC’s plus original receipt of purchase to;

Click here for Bassili’s promotion



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What’s new at Bassili’s Best?

Well, the newest product that is all the rage right now as got to be those Quickies. Meals that are found in the frozen section of your local grocery store.



Comes in the following varieties;

  • Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
  • Pasta Primavera
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Meat Lasagna
  • Carbonara
  • Fettuccine Alfredo

These are trans fat free, low in cholesterol, and an excellent source of iron and fibre.

If that’s not enough, this brand as gone one step further. This product now contains 65% less packaging. Do your part for the environment and support Bassili’s Best.

If you want a delicious AND nutritious meal check these out.

Health Check

In March of 2012 this company changed it’s recipes just a little so they could meet Health Check™ Standards of Nutrition. Many of their products now have the Health Check Symbol from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Questions or Comments for Bassili’s Best?

If you have a question or concern for this company there are several ways you can reach them.

Fill out their online contact form

or do one of the following;


Toll Free:






Sometimes you just want to hunt for Makeup Coupons.  Here’s a great list of brands that generally have put out coupons in the past and may so again or currently have coupons available.  This list is for Cosmetics – and does not include hair products or skin care ( See Below for lists)

I hope you enjoy this short list of the cosmetic companies that generally offer savings off your next purchase.

Makeup Coupons By Brand for Canada

  • Almay  – Usually has a offer or two per year. Most Current is $3 off $10 purchase
  • Annabelle – Usually offers 1-2 coupons per year.  My favorite makeup from this brand is their wet eyeshadow.
  • Covergirl – Generally has a current offer or two. Save up to $2.00
  • Maybelline: – This brand has various offers all year round generally. Lots of mascara and nail polish. Mostly $1.00 off products
  • Revlon  – In the past has offered various nail polish discounts and mascara: Save up to $3.00
  • Rimmel London – Generally offers 1-2 offers per year . Usually it’s a minimum purchase of $10
  • Sally Hansen – Usually has a offer or two on nail polish. Depends on product offering
  • Soft Lips – It’s been a while for Softlips to have a discount – but perhaps in the future.

To See More Types of Related Coupons – Checkout our other two lists:

Shampoo & Conditioner Coupon Brand List – Lots of different brands that cater to just hair products with lots of great savings opportunity

Skin Care Coupon List : Take care of skin and save with these brands.

New John Frieda Coupons Canada

  • Save $3.00 off any John Frieda Hair Product

Available in Print Format Only

Print Coupon ( Smartsource)

Coupon Expiry Date Unknonw

While Quantities Last

Tip: Walmart Rollback price is $8.72. So After coupon pay just $5.72



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About John Frieda

John Frieda salon opened in London, and devloped Friz Ease which landed them Magazine and was named Product of the Decade.

After the Frizz Ease® line of products became popular in the early 1990’s, the John Frieda® Hair Care Experts continued to great products such as colour care lines : Sheer Blonde® , Brilliant Brunette® hair care,  and more and probably more to come!

New Products for 2017

NEW MIRACULOUS RECOVERY COLLECTION:Formulated with  Anti-Damage technology, which claims to reverse 87% of surface damage after one use

NEW MIRACULOUS RECOVERY DEEP CONDITIONER which claims to repair and fortifies dry, heat-damaged, frizzy hair.


New Canadian Free Stuff Hosted Contest

Enter your chance to win a Cool Coca Cola Vending Machine

It has the following Features

  • Holds 10  Cans
  • Tall window display;
  • Cools up to 32 F below the ambient temperature
  • runs on 110V AC or 12V DC power
  • Measures 8-2/3 by 12 by 28-1/2-Inch


Only Requirement is joining our awesome Daily Newsletters ( Must Opt in)

  • Get up to 50 Additional Entries by Sharing this contest with your family and Friends!
  • Enter Daily
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of Majority

Coca Cola Vending Machine Contest



Previous Giveaways

Win This Instant Pot!

Enter your chance to win the newest small Kitchen Appliance that is the hottest trend right now : Instant Pot

It Combines 7 kitchen appliances all in 1,

  • Pressure Cooker
  • Slow Cooker
  • Rice Cooker,
  • Steamer,
  • Sauté, Y
  • Yogurt Maker
  • Warmer


Only Requirement is joining our awesome Daily Newsletters ( Must Opt in)

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  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of Majority

Win Instant Pot



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Another Coca Cola Fridge is up for Grabs!

Each Year We’ve given away 1-3 various Coca Cola Fridges or coolers – And This year we’ll be giving away this adorable 6 Can personal Coca Cola Fridge!

And This year will be No Different!

Only Requirement is joining our awesome Daily Newsletters ( Must Opt in)

Get up to 50 Additional Entries by Sharing this contest with your family and Friends!

Enter Daily

Quebec Residents are allowed to enter – We don’t ever leave you out 🙂

CFS Mini Cola Fridge Giveaway




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*** WIN  This Lighted Peacock Garden Statue

Enter to win 1 Peacock Statue (led light included)

To Enter:

  • Have a Valid Facebook Account
  • Like the following post
  • Comment
  • Bonus Entries for  Sharing & tagging your Facebook friends for additional entires
This contest is in no way associated with Facebook
Contest Ends March 1, 2016


*** WIN A FREE Moisurizing Lip Balm Set
Win This adorable 12pk Lip Balm Set

This set only has natural ingredients ( NO GMO)  including: : Beeswax, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Lanolin, Vitamin E (non-GMO), Natural Flavor, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Cocoa Seed Butter. That’s it!

To Enter:

  • Have a Valid Facebook Account
  • Like the following post
  • Comment
  • Bonus Entries for  Sharing & tagging your Facebook friends for additional entires
This contest is in no way associated with Facebook or Beauty by Earth



 Soap Glory Soaper Woman Gift Set Beauty


This prize is sponsored by 

Canadian Free Stuff: Soap Glory Contst

New Jello Coupon

  • Save $0.50 when you purchase any one (1) package of JELL-O RTE, any variety

This coupon is printable from Kraft Coupon portal ( powered by Websaver)

Print Jello Coupon

Coupon Expiry Date is unknown



* indicates required

Jello comes in a variety of products from pre made containers to box’s of jello to either mix up and refrigerate or cooked pudding . Many flavours to choose from as well as find low calorie Jello as well.

Jello is a great treat to give kids when they have a sour throat or when not feeling well. Great for baking as well – simply add boxed Jello to a pkg of dream whip for delicious icing on your next cake!

Great idea for Kids school snacks as well.


Blue Buffalo Pet Coupons

Fill out simple online form to request a $3.00 off coupon for Blue Buffalo Cat Food.

When you sign up you will also receive coupons for;

  • BLUE canned cat  food
  • BLUE treats
  •  BLUE Naturally  litter. ( if cat)
  • Blue Dog Food

Sign up for Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food Coupons ( Choose One


Coupon Expiry Date is unknown



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True Pet Lovers

You know that the employees at this company are true pet lovers when you hear that they bring their pets to work on a daily basis. I cannot think of any other pet food company out there that does this. Maybe they do, but I am not aware of them.

If that’s not true pet love, nothing is in my opinion.

They say if you find yourself in their one of their offices you will see a “furry friend” in almost every corner. You know just how close they are to these animals when they name them by name, etc.

One of those pets is named Blue. He suffered from health problems and therefore the Blue brand of products was born.

Real Meat

What I love about this product is the fact that it contains real meat. Did you know that the list of ingredients is listed in order of the amount of a certain ingredient that is in the product?

Well, Blue lists Real Chicken, Lamb, or Fish as the first ingredient. So you know that there are no additives or preservatives and other ingredients that are not beneficial to your pet.

Life Source Bits

If you are not familiar with the term “life source bits” than you are going to want to read further. Blue is the only product on the market today that has these products in it’s dog food.

Life Source Bits are a blend of antioxidents and nutrients that are formed to create a product that will ensure that your pet receives the best nutrition possible. Whether it be at different stages in it’s life or helping to improve it’s immune system.


Another Otrivin Coupon Now available

  • Save $3.00 off any Otrivin® Saline Severe Congestion Relief with Sea Water (100mL).

Available Print Only via Smartsource Portal

Print Otrivin $3.00 off Coupon 

Coupon Expiry Date is unknown


Check for more Eye Care Savings 



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Otrivin Nasal Spray

If you or your family suffer from nasal congestion or colds, here is a product that can help. Medicated nasal decongestants and saline sprays for adults, and Sea Water & Aloe Stream and nose drops for the little ones.

Avoiding A Cold

The best cure for a cold is preventing it from happening in the first place. The average person will get between 2 and 4 colds each year. In my home right now it seems like much more than that. It’s has if the first day back at school means it’s time to bring those germs home to momma.

Kids have a higher number of cases because of the very fact that their immune systems have not built up protection like adults have over the years. I think it also as something to do with being in school and around so many of the other kids that are carrying those cold and flu germs.

The best defence you can teach your kids to help them avoid colds is to wash their hands regularly, don’t touch your nose or eyes when you have come into contact with someone with a cold, and avoid crowded places.

Orange Naturals coupon for Canada

Here is a brand new printable coupon folks!!

  • Save $5.00  off the purchase of Orange Naturals Products

Available In Print Format Only

Print Orange Naturals Coupon

Coupon expires monthly on the last day of the month



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Orange Naturals Canada

So you have this coupon for Orange Naturals and now you need to know where to purchase it correct.

Well you can find this wonderful product at National Retailers like Bulk Barn, Rexall, Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Thrifty Foods. You can also find this product at your local Health Food Retailer or Healthcare Practitioner.

Orange Naturals Products 

There are many products available under this brand depending on your health needs.

Find products for kids, creams, ND Shakes, Homeopathics Supplements, and more.