AW Coupons, Contests, Deals No longer Promoted !


Sad Day!

I dislike when big corporations get all defensive about their brand! In the last decade, this will be my 3rd D&D letter of companies not wanting to be promoted on our site! Which is just silly after all – We drive all our followers to their website and support their Mobile application,

We have never pretended to be A&W or did anything fake. We’ve always been upfront with all of you – or we wouldn’t be in business long – Seriously all we do is promote other brands – We’re a directory of showing you How and where to save money – and one of those ways was to send you to this brand’s website when new coupons were released. –See the Original Email 

So as good citizens of Canada – We’ll comply and no longer promote this company in any shape or form from June 28, 2018.


Unfortunately, A&W lawyers have contacted us, and they no longer want us to link to them, nor are we allowed to announce to you when they have New coupons! On the bright side – there’s plenty more coupons you can notify about! Be sure to check out our many other RESTAURANT COUPONS here. Huge Savings for our Canadian Readers!!

Now the Busy Task of removing this brand from every post they are mentioned!




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  1. Yes I also thought that A&W burgers were made from frozen Canadian beef and frozen beef from Australia
    and New Zealand. Anyways there is not much beef in their burgers. I like their root beers though.

  2. Gee, they could have just said because of legal issues please don’t use our logo but thanks for the free advertising on your site and informing potential customers of our offers.

  3. Wow, seriously, it’s their lost. Without coupons, I don’t buy. There are other establishments that appreciate the advertising .
    If only that unmentionable company would just read the comments here.

  4. wow well they just lost this customer, app has been deleted, no longer following them on social media

  5. That is odd, as you have only ever positively promoted the businesses featured in your blog.

  6. I stopped going to A&W when they stopped using Canadian beef. A&W bragged about sourcing Canadian beef
    for quite some time and many today are unaware that the beef is shipped halfway around the World before it
    reaches the shores of Canada. (Not very fresh)
    Then A&W lied about not being able to find Canadian suppliers The Canadian beef industry showed that to be
    Why support liars?
    Also we had terrible burgers one night, before we were aware of the foreign beef switch. A&W did nothing about our complaint when their head office was contacted. No apology. No offer to make it good. No coupon or voucher. No comment. A follow up on our complaint again yielded no appropriate response and highlighted
    their uncaring attitude.
    They don’t deserve my money.

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