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AXE FREE SAMPLE for Canada 2020


XY Stuff Club members will have a chance to try one to two of these products for free!

  • AXE Wild™ Body Wash
  • AXE Wild™ Body Spray
  • AXE Wild™ Deodorant Stick
  • AXE Wild™ Antiperspirant Stick
  • AXE Smooth Look™ Shine Pomade
  • AXE Clean-Cut Look™ Classic Pomade
  • AXE Natural Look™ Conditioning Cream
  • AXE Natural Look™ Softening Control Clay
  • AXE Messy Look™ Flexible Paste
  • AXE Messy Look™ Matte Gel
  • AXE Extreme Look™ Extreme Hold Gel

Simply apply at the link below to be one of the chosen ones.


  • Canadians Only
  • XY Stuff member(Free to join)

Apply for free product here

Apply for this opportunity before March 01,2020

Selected members will be contacted by email during the week of March 02,2020


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About Axe

Axe is a very popular brand amongst young men and teenage boys. Personally I can’t stand most of the body sprays, but I don’t mind the smell of some of their body wash products – I have a teenage boy still at home – and he does use some of the products they carry – but I stopped purchasing the sprays – I’m so happy he’s over that stage.


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