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Baby Box Canada

New Provinces ADDED to this wonderful free program.

Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland and Labrador can now get a free baby box! Follow the directions on the linked page to get yours.

Baby Box program is available in Manitoba and Ontario, and Alberta has been added to the list.

What is Baby Box You Might Ask?

If you are an expectant parent, this program helps you out a little.

The Baby Box is a box that doubles as a bassinet with supplies for your newborn.


By the end of this year, most parents-to-be across the country will be able to sign up and register for the Baby Box program.

Click here to sign up now and become a member of Baby Box Canada. 

Available while supplies last.





What’s In The Popular Baby Box?

Inside this cardboard box(compliant with Health Canada bassinet regulations so you can use it as a bassinet!), you will find the following items;

a mini mattress, waterproof cover, fitted sheet, diapers, teethers, baby shampoo, and more.

If you are an expectant parent, be sure to sign up for the Baby Box program.

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  1. Would love one just had my daughter i’m a single mother and don’t have a job right now and two boys also a 2 yr old and 1 yr old..its tough right now.

  2. Please could you send me one . I need the supplies as I lost my job . I’d appreciate it . email me 🙂

  3. Al,
    Please contact the company directly with your request.
    We are directly related to this company. We simply shared this deal with our fans/

  4. I signed up for this box while I was still in Ontario and never received it, As well as i since moved to Saskatchewan and was told i would still receive it and have been here for 6 months and never received anything

  5. Actually, this specific baby box program does NOT provide sleep-safe boxes. They do send a box with baby products but the box itself isn’t certified for babies to sleep in. This is from their FAQ page:
    “Can my baby sleep in the box?
    No. Our focus is on the contents of the box. If you want your baby to sleep in a box, there are other programs that carry certified sleeping boxes.
    Baby Box Canada’s focus is on the contents of the box and is in no way affiliated with any organization that provides certified safe sleep boxes.”

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