10 Unique Bacon Recipes to Try

Great Unique Non Traditional Bacon recipes to try today

Bacon is booming in the food industry and in pop culture. Everywhere you go, there are bacon treats, T-shirts and novelties.  It’s really not a mystery why people love bacon so much. Some refer to it as “meat candy”.  To others, bacon has an almost “cult” following.

Gone are the days where Maple Leaf bacon just went on the side of your eggs on your breakfast plate. Bacon has been turned into a delicacy that can be added to just about anything. I remember taking my bacon and dipping it in the maple syrup after eating my pancakes and waffles. The sweet maple flavoring mixed with the delicious taste of bacon made it something I saved for last on my plate so I could savor the moment.

While bacon can be boring when added as a topping for salads or on your sandwich, there is no end to the fun and exciting ways you can use it that are not-so-boring.

One tip I learned a while back was to get the bacon extra crispy, bake it in the oven rather than fry it in a pan. Many of the following recipes call for a crispier bacon variety, so try doing this on a cookie sheet.

Here are 10 recipes to take your bacon pallet to new heights. There is sweet, savory and in between included in the list of recipes below.

10 Unique Bacon Recipes you can Make:


9. Pancake Bacon Dippers

Photo Credit: Ladybehindthecurtain.com

So simple – but a very different take on breakfast when you had planned on pancakes and bacon anyhow! Simply combine them for a wonderful new spin on breakfast!

Get the Recipe: https://www.ladybehindthecurtain.com/buffet-pancake-dippers/

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