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Banana Republic Coupon Code for 2018

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The Banana Republic Brand

Trending Now At Banana Republic are the black and white prints.

What’s hot? You can’t go wrong with the basics is what I always say and it seems that Banana Republic is getting back to the basics.

Of course, back to the basics with a little twist;

Like the Ashbury Woven Stripe Tote for instance. This gorgeous back is priced at $205.00 but will make a statement with any outfit you choose to wear it with.

Turn heads with the Woven Stripe Canteen Crossbody Bag for $160.00

The  Sales Department

You’ll find tons of items for both women and men alike. In the ladies sale department you’ll find almost 500 items that are on sale. Under the men’s sale department you’ll find over 500 items that are on sale. Types of Clothing you’ll find is the current season, as well as clothing that is casual or business like. [divider]

Store Locations

Since there are so many stores located across Canada, you are better off using their online store locator to find one near you.


One of everyone’s favorite items at Banana Republic is their Handbags. The Types of bags they carry are the following:

  • Totes
  • Satchels
  • Hobo’s
  • Clutches
  • Small Bags
  • leather bags.

The most popular handbag is the Hobo Bag.  One Bag that they don’t carry online ( or maybe not at all) is their Bloomsbury tote.

The Dresses

Currently The Banana Republic has 64 different dresses to choose from, and all of them are either office friendly, or that cute little casual dress for the weekend.  I’m sure you’ll like their selection of black dresses.

About Banana Republic

Founded by Patricia and Mel Ziegler,  this company that is owned by the Gap has become synonymous with upscale clothing and fashion. Purchased by the Gap in 1983, the company took on a whole new look and feel from the original safari themed stores envisioned back in 1978 when the stores were opened. From those small beginnings, the company has now expanded to over 600 locations all across the globe.  All of them are considered to be quite popular and the headquarters are in California.


The company began rather eccentrically with a safari themed store layout that often brought in real elements for their decor. It was not unusual to go into an original store and find trees, grass, flowers and even full sized safari jeeps. This brought in an unusual customer base that loved the unusual themselves. When the store was taken over by Gap, many felt that the heartbeat of the product was totally changed to a much more common, but luxurious product line. Although that holds true in some areas, the stores are still wildly popular and continue to thrive until this day.

Located world wide, Banana Republic provides high end products that set standards in local and school fashion.