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Bandaids come in lots of shapes and sizes  to choose from! Perhaps your looking at purchasing Bandaids online to either try and save money, or perhaps your looking for the online convience of shopping at home. Here’s the stores we found that sell this Brand Online  for you.

Shop Well Canada for Band Aid products.

You may just get lucky and find a clearance sale or a sale we didn’t get notified on.

Shop Band Aid products at Well Canada

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The Band-Aid was invented back in the early 1900’s by an employee after his wife cut her self.

Back in the day the bandages were not very popular as they were handmade, but later they manufactured a machine to produce sterilized bandages, and by WW 2 the products were being shipped overseas.

Johnson began decorating their band aids in fun designs and today they continue the tradition for Children of ages.

Product Lines

  • Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Kids fun
  • Advanced Protection Bandages

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