January 26, 2022, is Bell “Let’s Talk” Event for Canada!

Every year at this time, Bell Canada donates $0.05 to Mental Health programs across Canada every time someone does any of the following:

  • Text and Talk: Every text message, mobile and long-distance call made by Bell Canada, Bell Aliant and Bell MTS customers
  • Twitter: Every tweet using #BellLetsTalk and Bell Lets Talk Event video view
  • Facebook: Every time you watch the Bell Let’s Talk Day video or use the Bell Let’s Talk Facebook frame
  • Instagram: Every time you watch the Bell Lets Talk Day video
  • Snapchat: Every use of the Bell Lets Talk geofilter and video view

Since they started the annual fundraiser back in 2010, they have donated over $67,500,000.00 to mental health programs across Canada and have helped bring awareness worldwide about mental health.

Let’s Work Together To Bring Awareness to Everyone, And Try to Make This Their Biggest Fundraiser to Date!

For more information and additional links:

check out the Bell Lets Talk Website HERE.