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What is Benefibre you might be wondering?

Well, this product helps you get that extra boost of fibre in your diet. The cool thing about this brand is the fact that you get to choose how you want to take that fibre.

No more white-knuckling it through those bran buds or endless amount of greens.

Comes in taste free and more importantly grit free powders as well as convenient chewable tablets.

It’s that simple that you won’t even know you are taking it.

Give your body that little extra boost it needs with Benefibre. There is no excuse not to really.


Benefiber Powders:

These are flavor free and grit free. There is nothing worse than an awful tasting product that contains grit. Who wants that horrible after taste when they are consuming a product.  With these powder there is no need to fret. These dissolve quickly in any food or beverage. They do not recommend that you add this to carbonated beverages though so keep that in mind.

They come in serving sizes of 60, 105, and 200

Each teaspoon serving that you consume will give you 3 grams of soluble fibre. How great is that?!

Benefibre Chewable Tablets:

Gives you all the wonderful advantages of getting that fibre without the fuss. Convenient and fast. Get the recommended daily dosage of soluble fibre wherever you are.

No need to mix or drink with water.

Comes in a rich orangy creme flavour that is easy to take because its tastes great.

Find 36-100 count bottles of this products


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