Free Baby Samples, FREE Baby Samples at Best Buy Canada


FREE Baby Samples At Best Buy Canada

Simply register for the Best Buy Baby Samplers Club, and you just might be picked to try baby products FREE!!

This offer is valid for those of you with a baby under the age of two or is parents-to-be.

In exchange for receiving these FREE Baby Samples, all they ask is for you to give them a simple, honest review of the products that you received.

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How Does The Best Buy Baby Samplers Club Work?

Random club members will be selected each month to receive a variety of free baby samples. Then you will be asked to review them. The type of free product you will get will correspond with your due date or the age of your child.

When you get your free sample via mail, simply try it and write about your experience on the product description page. Your review can be positive or negative but give your honest opinion.

In exchange for your review, you get to keep said products FREE. It’s a win-win situation.