Best Websites With Printable Grocery Coupons

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Best Websites With Printable Grocery Coupons

If you are looking for online resources to save money via couponing, these are the top websites for printing grocery coupons in Canada. is one of the most popular Canadian dedicated coupon sites that offer a vast selection of grocery coupons. There are a few new coupons each week – sometimes even new ones daily. The company was founded back in the 2000s and has newspaper inserts. But today they now offer printable coupons for the last 7-8 years. Customers can print each coupon twice per computer. Currently, this site has over 200 online printable savings. is another excellent place to get free printable grocery coupons. You will find a few new coupons per month. has been around since the early 2000s as well.

Websaver is another excellent place to find printable grocery coupons. You will also find a few new coupons per month. Generally, they have up to 20 coupons available to print. There is usually a set limit of how many coupons are made available and will have a “sold out” on the coupons that are no longer available. Due to the high demand for mailed coupons, they opened up another website Zebra Coupons – which you can order coupons for a small S&H fee.

Walmart Canada has its printable coupon portal! You will find the odd new coupon. Many of these coupons can be “Walmart” only coupons, but you won’t know until you print the coupon. It’s a great one to watch as many times there have been hot Free Product Coupons found online.

Proctor & Gamble

P&G Canada has tons of printable coupons. You won’t find any food coupons – but you will find many items on your weekly grocery list – for example, bathroom tissue, paper towel, dish soap, and shampoo & conditioner.


Go Coupons has a few printable coupons. Not the best selection, but you will find unique coupons such as Arctic Veggies and Allens Apple Juice from time to time. GoCoupons has been around since the early 2000s as well.

Manufacturers’ Websites
Several manufacturers now offer coupons via a hidden portal – most of the time, it’s by using a SmartSource coupon. To find these – couponers simply do internet searches for the brand’s website and simply visit each brand to see if there’s a coupon available. Or you can visit our printable coupon section at and avoid a lot of the online tasks of searching for new coupons yourself.


Tasty Rewards

Tasty Rewards is from Pepsico. There are usually a dozen coupons to printables. Find brands such as Quaker ( oats granola bars, rice cakes ) Potato Chips such as Ms. Vickys, Gold Rose, Lays, Doritos etc. It only takes a minute to Register and is FREE! Also, they have great contests each month.

Finding Manufacturer Coupons on Social Media Sites
From time to time, you can find exclusive coupons and free samples through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To get access to these coupons, Couponers will need to “Like” “Follow” the companies that have a coupon available. Couponers may have to install an app.

Once you have printed the coupons you would like, you can always delete the application and “unlike” or “unfollow” anyone from your follow list.

Tips on Extreme Coupon Hunting

Your Email Account.

Once you begin hunting and applying for coupons, you will find you will be giving out your email address to many websites, and this will bind your email up with some Junk mail and will increase the amount of spam you receive. What many seasoned couponers do is they set up a new email address just for coupons, samples, contests.

Printing Software:
Many times you will be required to use a version of software printing programs. Usually, Java needs to be the latest version. The software controls the number of coupons that are allowed to print both individually plus as a whole campaign.

It’s often a simple process and easy to follow explanation. You will only be required to download the software the first time you use it on that device. Once downloaded, the coupons you choose will print without a hitch, for the most part.

Printing Cheaply.

It used to be familiar to print black and white to print cheap, but stores are wanting the coupon as seen on the screen – so it’s now common practice to print in colour.

The best advice one can give is to make sure the coupon is worth your time is if you plan on using it

Also, see how to coupon without a Printer

Be on the Ball!

Coupons newly posted can sometimes reach the whole marketing campaign in a day or two – especially if it’s a fabulous one like a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE one,

We recommend visiting us daily to get the jump on the newly posted coupons! Most of the New Coupons are added at the beginning of each month –

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