New Bick’s Pickles Contest for Canada

Bicks has a new amazing contest where you can win the grand prize of a $5000 cheque plus great weekly prizes!

Grand Prize: (1)

  • $5,000 CDN issued in the form of a cheque payable in the Prize winner’s name as it appears on his/her entry form; and 3 cases (12 jars per case) of Bick’s pickles.

Weekly prizes (18)

  • $100.00 CDN in a pre-paid gift card as selected by the Sponsor at its sole and absolute discretion; (ii) a LiteHawk Quattro Snap R/C Camera Drone (includes a 512Mb Micro SD Card, USB reader, rechargeable battery and charger); and (iii) one (1) case (12 jars) of Bick’s pickles


  • Residents of Canada
  • Located in Canada
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • Daily Entry

Enter Bick’s Pickles Contest

Contest Ends September 5, 2016

Bick’s Pickles are yummy in the tummy.

It doesn’t matter if you love sweet or the big chunky kind that has a bit of bite, Bick’s pickles have a lot of variety of pickles for you to choose from – to match your taste buds every time you crave some pickles.

Pickles craving don’t just happen to pregnant people – They happen to everyone who wants something either sweet or with a bit of bite.

The great thing about pickles is they almost can go with everything from Hamburgers, to cheese and crackers, or simply as a side dish at any lunch or dinner meal.

Bick’s Products

Also besides pickles, you can purchase Relish and Specialty jars such as Banana Peppers.

They even have pickles with 50% less salt for those that need to watch their salt intake due to high blood pressure.