BiWay Brand, BiWay Stores Are Making A Comeback In 2019

BiWay Brand is coming in August of 2019

Reports from CTV state that the store BiWay was making a comeback in 2019

BiWay has been out of business for over 15 years and here is what we know;

There are plans to add a 7,500 square feet “BiWay $10 Store” in the Toronto market next August

By the year 2020, there should be more BiWay stores added to this venture.

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What Is BiWay?

BiWay was a sizeable Canadian discount chain that went defunct over 15 years ago.

This is a legacy brand and is set for a significant comeback in August of 2019. The first store will be added to Toronto, with plans for more stores across Canada.

If it’s quality discount items, you are looking for, than BiWay is the place to shop.

Find great deals on a variety of everyday items, including clothing, housewares, and much more.