When it comes to the Top Canadian dairy farms and master cheese masters: Black Diamond Cheese is the winner! They offer a variety of cheese bars and shredded cheese. There are so many choices; it’s hard to choose just one. But With black diamond cheese coupons, you can start saving money on your dairy products on your grocery list!

We’ll show you how to save on your next purchase of this brand’s cheese products. Let’s Get Saving.

Black Diamond Cheese Coupons

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  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE when you purchase  Black Diamond® Shredded Cheese (320g, 907g) or Cheese Bars (400g),

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Black Diamond Cheese Prices in Canada

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  • Black Diamond Cheddar Cheese Blocks  in 400 g $5.99ea
  • Black Diamond Ficello Cheestrings, 336 g $5.99ea

No Frills:

  • Black Diamond Processed Cheese Slices(410g) on sale for $2.88
  • Black Diamond natural cheese blocks for 400g are $5.99

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  • Black diamond shredded cheese 450g $5.99 is a good sale price.



Black Diamond Cheese Offers

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About Black Diamond Cheese

Black Diamond Cheese Limited is a famous cheese manufacturing company from Canada, created by Robert F. Hart in 1933. Although it was first established under the name “Belleville Cheddar Cheese Limited,” its primary goal was to introduce high-quality Canadian cheddar into the British market. Parmalat of Canada acquired it in 1998. The subsidiary employs more than 470 employees at its factory in Belleville, Ontario. In the American market, Black Diamond is licensed to DCI Cheese in Wisconsin.

Black Diamond was the first Canadian cheddar brand. In the 1940s, the famous grilled cheese sandwich became so popular during World War II. It is often served with a bowl of piping hot tomato soup. In the early 1990s, macaroni and cheese became one of North America’s most popular dishes, especially in the United States. The emergence of Black Diamond Shredded Cheeses made this dish even more popular.

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